Would you be happy if your Tequila Sunrise?

  wee eddie 18:29 03 Dec 2018

Would you be happy if your Tequila Sunrise was made with Gin, Marks & Spencer apparently think so. Their "Collection Brandy Butter" is made with distilled Cider. Not a grape goes near it.

So, just because some rustics in Somerset, call their home brew, Apple Brandy, instead of Somerset Calvados, M&S feel that they can drop the Apple bit and just use the word Brandy on the label (except for a mention in the "Small Print") of their Festive Stuff. It's not bad, but you can taste the apples

  Quickbeam 17:37 04 Dec 2018


"Venues that are catering for the binge drinking sector could pass off just about anything. Their customers chug it down, chug it up and then come back for more."

Well that does sum up the binge drinker type! But if something is passed off as something that it's not, it's still a trade descriptions offence.

  BT 17:49 04 Dec 2018

Industrial ethanol is good enough..

There is a big difference between Industrial Ethanol and Potable Ethanol used for drinking, something the counterfeiters take little heed of

  Quickbeam 18:10 04 Dec 2018

When I moved I came across a couple of gallons of methanol that I used to use for 1/4 mile sprinting back in the '80s. I just poured it into my car and got a little extra performance until I filled up again!

  qwbos 19:27 04 Dec 2018


The counterfeiters aren't interested in repeat customers so pay little attention to the delicate process of distillation. Their product is inevitably going to be contaminated with methanol, though how you could ever disguise the smell of methanol, I don't know.

I was drenched in the stuff years ago due to the incompetence of a colleague and it was around the same time that there were incidences of offshore workers getting blind (literally) drunk on the stuff. The smell's not unlike cat's urine. If you'll drink that, you'll drink anything.

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