Would you allow boxing in prisons

  Cymro. 09:57 11 Aug 2018

BBC link

Boxing should be taught in prisons in England and Wales in an effort to improve discipline and boost education, an independent expert has said. A report for the Ministry of Justice said ministers should consider allowing combat sports - with the current ban a "missed opportunity" to cut offending. Personally I am not bothered either way but I doubt if whatever they do it can make things any worse than it is in our prisons right now.

  Pine Man 10:43 11 Aug 2018

Boxing in prisons?

I wouldn't allow boxing at all - it should be banned.

This has been raised before and I have no doubt that there will be some strong views posted shortly;-)

  Matt. 14:49 14 Aug 2018

The worst paedophiles should have the poo beaten out of them, if it were in the boxing ring it could be legal.

  Al94 15:42 14 Aug 2018

Agree with Pine Man. I think that already happens Matt.

  SweetPotatoes 16:24 14 Aug 2018

No to boxing in prisons for me

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