Would you accept a pay cut......

  oresome 09:58 26 Jan 2018

.......to equalise you pay with a colleagues?

  Cymro. 10:06 26 Jan 2018

I think it only right that these people should accept a pay cut but the question is "would you accept a pay cut?" Being like many of us a bit of a hypocrite I suspect I would fight tooth and nail to stop anyone cutting my wages.

  Belatucadrus 11:49 26 Jan 2018

Many moons ago during wage negotiations with the unions my late father informed them that women were going to get the same pay as men doing the same jobs. He was somewhat surprised to be met by opposition, in short he was told "You can't do that !". He told them it was the law and if they didn't like it tough.

Strange that decades later in these supposedly more enlightened times it's still an issue.

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