Would yo be chipped?

  keenan 08:55 16 Jul 2004

Well we've all heard of microchips for 'animals' but
is this going to far.

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  €dstowe 11:01 16 Jul 2004

Technology for technology's sake.

Totally unnecessary and, if this were an employment requirement, could be seen as an invasion (assault?) on the human body.

Many aspects of the human form are unique and quickly recognisable - example the face and fingerprints without any subcutaneous intervention. Why then should this be considered at all, other than to demonstrate a fatuous obsession with things modern?

  spuds 12:46 16 Jul 2004

Whilst it may seem a feasible idea in relation to emergency medical or identification purposes, I could see a number of questions that could arise, like the termination of employment. What actual information would the chips hold, and to what 'unknown' purposes could it be used.Within the EU, the human rights aspect would kick into action. This thing is very scary, but no doubt in years to come, this method would be adopted as possibly the norm. Not in my lifetime though!.

I noticed that the price was mentioned at $150.00 per chip. My animal's chips only cost £20.00 [$28 U.S] each, so I must have had a bargain, or at least my animal's did :o).

  Sapins 13:08 16 Jul 2004

Apparently fingerprints are not reliable when used with scanning devices, if you are a manual worker and/or have recently used hand cream it interferes with the efficiency of the scanning device, probably the same goes for face cream!

  €dstowe 14:50 16 Jul 2004

Why does technology alway have to come into things?

If this is being done for identification of employees, the easiest way to identify them is to look at their face. If that doesn't match the copy in your own memory then the person is not the one he claims to be. Simple as that. Using a basic technology, visually compare a photograph of the person with one containing a proven likeness.

If modern technology must be used, there are numerous other methods of identification apart from fingerprinting (and why not do the f/p by the traditional method?) such as iris scanning. This is not affected by face cream, hand cream or anything like that.

  Dorsai 21:49 16 Jul 2004

Eventually, and assuming the human race does not 'BSOD' ourself, the implanting of computer technology will happen.

Imagine a news reporter who can have the camera/sound system/etc, they use implanted. There is no cumbersome pack to carry around.

The public (including the police) just watch a crime for it to be recorded on many HDD's, Wi-Fi linked to those who watch, in full colour, with sound. No more claims of abuse/No more abuse. it was recorded by everyone who was there.

The idea in Star Trek of The Borg is not far fetched. Artificial limbs already rely on computer tech.

This is not Sci-Fi.

The cochlear implant (For the deaf) Is in effect a small computer attached to the users nervous system so they can hear.

Now long before it allows the blind to see (implanted Ccd's).

The forgetful to file info. in a small PC in the head.

Remember, The Geo-stationary satellites that allows satellite TV stations to work were the invention of a science-fiction writer (Arther C. Clarke). He also invented the water bed.

When Jules Verne wrote 20,000 leagues, the Submarine was just a fantasy.

It will happen. We just have to work out how to cope.

But Why worry. The more we are watched, the less change of us being accused of something we did not do. If you are accused of a crime, and there is no CCTV, how do you prove you were where you say?

With CCTV everywhere, you have been videoed every-which-way in one place, while 'it' happened somewhere else.

  keenan 20:35 17 Jul 2004

Thanks for your views guys, I suppose it all smacks of 'Big Brother' in one way or another and probably one day an eventuality for most.


Ah! but with the $150 chips they could choose the winner at Crufts :)

  spuds 22:01 17 Jul 2004

keenan..I would prefare the winning number of the National Lottery. You haven't seen my animal's, no chance of a win at Cruft's, I'm afraid ;o))

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