Wot no post !

  Dragon_Heart 01:15 15 Dec 2010

We've had as bit of snow / ice yes but why have the postal services almost ground to a standstill ?

Our local postal service is 99% of the time very good with parcels from Amazon arriving the next day but of late it's all fell down.

OK it's near'ish Christmas but ?

  tullie 07:21 15 Dec 2010

Ive read somewhere that Royal Mail are not taking on extra staff this year,maybe thats the reason?

  interzone55 08:46 15 Dec 2010

The two couriers we use for deliveries have just announced that they will accept no further parcels for delivery to Scotland until they've managed to clear their backlog.

With the forecast indicating more snow in the coming days it looks like Scotland is closed for a while...

  Bapou 11:39 15 Dec 2010

I read in the Mail late yesterday, the PO are taking on exra staff. However, earlier in the day I spoke with our regular postie.

I would still go along with his explanation, referred to in my response, click here

  Bapou 13:42 15 Dec 2010

Postie did say, they don't have a hope in hell of getting that lot shifted before Christmas Day.

The policy of no longer recruiting extra staff would then have to be reconsidered if his words ar to be condradicted.

Maybe head office have used some common sense in these circumstances.

Not that I'm concerned, my order for Amazon was made weeks ago and received weeks ago.

  timsmith259 14:09 15 Dec 2010

they do have special rules when its due to weather and the temperature.....

  interzone55 14:28 15 Dec 2010

It's not because people aren't sending stuff in case it can't get through, it's that couriers' border depots are now full to bursting with stuff that can't get through, so they can't accept any more consignments until their depots are cleared down...

  QuizMan 16:16 15 Dec 2010

One of my local employment exchanges had a card in the window yesterday for temporary postal staff.

  mark2 18:13 15 Dec 2010

Not post office, but I ordered 2 items (ebay) online yesterday, both arrived before 13:30 today, so some operators are getting items delivered promptly.

  Dragon_Heart 19:38 15 Dec 2010

..... the day after my 'post' two items are delivered by a post man in an unmarked hire van !


"Maybe head office have used some common sense in these circumstances" NO ! They will just get the whip out to their own staff " Think Bonus"

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