WOT no post ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:02 14 Oct 2010

I have put a comment on "Why does my postie never call on Tuesdays?" It's on the list of 'My Postings' but it has not appeared ?

The forums do appear to have gone a little haywire tonight with double or triple postings !

  Dragon_Heart 00:04 14 Oct 2010

Forgot about page 2 ! Sorry

My second point still stands !

  [email protected] 00:05 14 Oct 2010

Try page 2 of the thread ;o) click here

  Forum Editor 00:06 14 Oct 2010

Your post is there, loud and clear.

The forum is running smoothly as far as we can see.

I recommend an early night.

  Quickbeam 09:40 14 Oct 2010

Have you tried checking page two for the post on Tuesdays?

  [email protected] 17:15 14 Oct 2010

Perhaps Quickbeam would have done well with a breathalyser attached to the submit button this morning too :P

  [email protected] 18:04 14 Oct 2010

it has occurred to me that it was a deliberate play on the word 'post'? If so I take my previous comment back!

  [email protected] 18:05 14 Oct 2010

That was obviously addressed to Quickbeam

  Dragon_Heart 22:06 14 Oct 2010

Did you notice page 2 of the other thread?

Did YOU notice my second entry ?

Tired and / or drunk ! Since I have two types of sleep apnea I am always tired and if the breweries depended upon me they would have gone bust long ago.

  Dragon_Heart 22:51 14 Oct 2010

It's we now ! :-)

Try looking @ finerty's triple post on 'Evil teenagers !' for example, all time stamped @ 22.53

  [email protected] 23:31 14 Oct 2010

My experience of double posts is that they occur when you press the submit button, and nothing happens, so you get impatient and press it again, and hence submit it twice.

And I assume you mean me and FE when you said "Did YOU notice my second entry ?".

Obviously you hadn't posted your second post when we read the thread. Look at the times. Mine was posted one mintue after yours, and FE's 2 minutes - in that time we were typing them!

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