Is this the worst phishing mail ever sent ?

  Belatucadrus 22:40 12 Nov 2008

Secure your savings with Abbey
We're backed by one of the world’s largest banks
It as come to our notice that various message have been sent to you requesting verification of your Internet banking information.
Abbey National Plc as recently upgrade our database in other to enable us stop the scam which are been sent to our value customer.
all your transtions will be monitor by our security team,We need you to click on Log on botton,this will enable our security team to Keep a regular eye on your finances.
Together, Abbey and Santander are committed to serving our customers, helping you make the most of your money

A whole new concept, phishing with 419 scam spelling.

  lotvic 23:22 12 Nov 2008

Yeah, I got one of those, reported it as phishing (via web hotmail) I didn't open it

  hastelloy 01:18 13 Nov 2008

there have been several attempts to log in to my (non-existent) account at 2.45 am on 3 December 2008 - yes, they did say 3 December 2008.

  tullie 08:17 13 Nov 2008

The first thing i noticed was the word "as",instead of "has"

  Grey Goo 09:58 13 Nov 2008

Been getting loads lately Lloyds/TSB is the latest, came via a Spanish nidohosting mail server.

  The Brigadier 10:26 13 Nov 2008

Sadly Kaspersky Internet Security picks them up straight away so i never get the chance to put in any false details!

  Stuartli 10:52 13 Nov 2008

All the major UK banks, along with some American examples, have been the subject of phishing e-mails for some years now.

The LloydsTSB version keeps popping up every few weeks for a spell, just as with the Halifax etc.

I have both a LloydsTSB and Halifax on-line account and although I don't expect e-mails from the former, I certainly know if the latter's communications are genuine...:-)

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