worst bit of TV over christmas??

  lofty29 19:25 31 Dec 2008

I did not watch much tv over the christmas period, but one thing I was looking forward to was the 39 steps, seeing as the bbc were doing it I thought that it would be fairly good, what a dissapointment, and the worst aspect for me was when Hanney was staffed, it was by an aircraft which used interrupter gear which the RFC did not have until at least 1916, and it looked like a SE5a. How about your biggest let down.

  laurie53 19:59 31 Dec 2008

There's been so little of note to watch that most of my viewing was repeats so I knew what I was getting.

Not sure if 16 Dec counts as Christmas, but "The RAF at 90" is certainly my biggest recent let down.

  anchor 16:13 01 Jan 2009

lofty29: I really don't know what you are talking about; obviously you an expert on old aircraft.

To me it looked OK; a very old plane strafing the hero. However, it took so many liberties from the orginal John Buchan story, that at times, it was unrecognisable.

  ronalddonald 16:40 01 Jan 2009

is what they will use in tv programs, they tend to run to a budget, but knowing the truth from you Loft29 i agree with you, they could of done better.

  sunnystaines 17:03 01 Jan 2009

a really drab tv over xmas, best viewing was on itv4 a film [cannot remember the name] john cleese in it as a zoo manager best comedy film i have seen for a long time.

Even the doc channels on cable/sky all repeats cannot say i watched anything on tv on xmas day bbc normally have a few good options but failed this year.

  Quickbeam 17:41 01 Jan 2009

I don't know about worst, but the biggest disappointment was The Royle Family, it lacked the natural but dry humour it is noted for. Definitely strained and clutching at the last straws of it's heyday... yet another reached and past it's watch-by date programme.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:59 01 Jan 2009

Whatever was the worst TV over Christmas, I didn't watch it. Being a World of Warcraft addict meant TV watching was avoided most of the time. My partner plays WoW just as much as me too, so the telly spends most of it's time switched off.

  Bapou 18:16 01 Jan 2009

The Royle Family billed as BBC1's Christmas Special is my candidate for biggest letdown.

The only line worthy of a laugh was, "Christmas is not really for kids."

Thank goodness for 'Outnumbered', the only programme really worth the bother throughout the Christmas period.

  tullie 18:33 01 Jan 2009

An easier question would have been the best of xmas tv,there was less choice.

  S5W 19:44 01 Jan 2009

Nostalgia can be overdone but I miss the funny Christmas programmes of yesteryear such as The Two Ronnies, I used to get some good belly laughs from some of those while todays commedians seem less funny. Of course it could just be me getting old and crotchety.I get my laughs from books more now.

  gengiscant 20:08 01 Jan 2009

Anyone see Paulie? Great film. Christmas Eve I think.

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