Is this the worst attempt at a pun headline?

  babybell 08:55 16 Apr 2010

click here

Our American cousins have gone for "Volcano leaves travelers worldwide...ASH-TRANDED"

For one, I don't think that even makes sense?

  Brumas 09:15 16 Apr 2010

A lunatic escapes from asylum, has his wicked way with two female Chinese washer women against there will and then rushes from the scene of the crime. Headlines next day in the local rag ran like this.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist it ;o}}

  Quickbeam 10:08 16 Apr 2010

But it's the better/worse (delete as applicable) pun:)

  jaritch 10:51 16 Apr 2010

When the mighty Glasgow Celtic were humbled by the lowly Inverness Caledonian Thistle a number of years ago in the Scottish Cup, the best and now famous newspaper headline said.

"Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious."

  Matt Egan 12:22 16 Apr 2010

...and yes, I did *some* training, we were told a brilliant story of how you can tie yourself up in knots trying to write a good headline, and lose sight of telling the story to your reader. The story was of a guy who after a few shandies stole a double decker bus from the local depot, drove it around for a few hours wreaking havoc, and then crashed it outside his own house, to be shaken awake by the police the next morning. The local rag went through revision after revision of its splash headline, before coming up with this gem:

"Man takes bus home"

Ouch. Having in a past life worked for a tabloid newspaper and a medical periodical, I can tell you that the opportunity to right a genuinely funny, punning headline are very few and far between. Basically, if it isn't brilliant, spike it. The headline at the top of this thread is very far from brilliant!


  Jim Thing 16:47 16 Apr 2010

Many years ago, one of Sir Alec's predecessors at Man United got himself into the tabloids by alledgedly messing around with the wife of someone on his staff. Shortly after the affair became public, the manager was attacked and punched by a United supporter who was promptly charged with assault. The case was headlined (in Private Eye I think) as "Fan hits the sh*t"

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