World travel, and a couple of more lives lost?

  spuds 14:31 07 Aug 2014

With world travel the way it is, and varied destinations coming into easy access for most. Do you think that people carry their own believes and perhaps individual attitudes to the country they visit, and perhaps not really understanding or allowing for the ways or culture of the country they visit?.

On this forum, there are a number of well travelled people, and it might be interesting to find their own personal views on the subject, and how they dealt with some of the countries they have visited?.

Apparently the following two deaths was from a request to turn down some loud music click here

  Woolwell 15:38 07 Aug 2014

Whilst a young sailor overseas I got chased by a man with a knife. It was the only time ever that I overtook the PTI.

The world hasn't greatly changed. You have to be careful, look out for the signs and there are some areas best avoided (as in UK). Another version of the attack: Sky news. I've been to Sarawak and regarded it as a fairly safe place.

Drunken Brits who seem to think that they can do what they like can be a pain. Unfortunately Brits are often the worst behaved especially when booze is around.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:44 07 Aug 2014

Has anybody also noticed that when anyone dies in violent circumstances, or as the result of an accident, people who knew them always say what wonderful, friendly, helpful, life and soul of the party, perfect pupils if still at school, people they were.

  bumpkin 15:47 07 Aug 2014

Agree with spider9 for once and the common denominator always seems to be alcohol.

  john bunyan 17:22 07 Aug 2014

I have often been to Sarawak - including Kuching, and, apart from Singapore would have thought it is one of the safest places in the Far East." 24 years ago my wife donated some stuff to the Kuching Hospital as she was a Theatre Sister and they had very little. I actually knew the chief of the Paramilitary Police there (another story). I have also been to Pulau Tioman, an island off east Malaysia where South Pacific was filmed. Very tranquil, but a Brit was murdered there last year. About 20 years ago I visited Karachi - quite "dodgy" - my company provided 2 armed guards at the foot of the plane steps. Nairobi and Manila were also a bit hairy, especially as in Nairobi I was investigating corruption in a company and a minister was involved. If you look for trouble you can find it anywhere- In the '60's I went to the Mecca in Sauchiehall street in Glasgow and was searched for "hatchets, knives" etc as at that time Glasgow had quite a gang culture - what a contrast to the host city of the Commonwealth Games. Due to my Service and civilian jobs I have been in hairy situations - my grandchildren now think I am paranoid if I warn them about some places they go to.

  Woolwell 17:47 07 Aug 2014

john bunyan - I too have been to Pulau Tioman and thought it was very safe.

Lagos was one of the most dangerous places I visited and Karachi was quite difficult. Parts of Brazil can be risky and I was warned not to stop in areas in Philadelphia and Washington DC in the States.

  spuds 17:51 07 Aug 2014

"There is nothing new in this, could happen in London or Liverpool - so what have "beliefs" got to do with anything?"

In this particular incident, the area or country was classed as safe, so its just not a case of "nothing new", or being like London or Liverpool.

I have spent time in Sarawak, a few days in Kuching, but mainly around the area not far from Limbang and over the border into the Temburong area of Brunei. Never once did I see a drunk reeling around in public, or any sort of open confrontations, because the culture and lifestyles at that time didn't accept it, and certainly never in public.

The people I associated with,and that included your average citizen to a far higher level, could not have been a more friendly being. In fact I would go as far to say, those I met, went out of their way to be friendly, especially to foreign visitors, and perhaps more so to Brits.

  spuds 18:09 07 Aug 2014

john bunyan/Woolwell

I am sure, many of us can have a stories to tell, and perhaps more so on 'good' or 'bad' places around the globe.

But I doubt if some of those stories would be believed, or possibly even suggested by some as pure fantasy?.

What I tend to find nowadays, is seeing something on the television perhaps, then thinking that I had been there or near to there, and not realising just how good or bad the place was, or how it had changed?.

  spuds 18:23 07 Aug 2014


Give it a rest, if you want to contribute, then please do so, not start one of your usual petty arguments of attempting to correct people or find fault.

Just for you, I will answer your question:

"...and that included your average citizen to a far higher level.."

"I'm still trying to work that one out!!:"

Would the Sultan of Brunei do?.

  Aitchbee 19:05 07 Aug 2014

" ... particularly Glasgow where the wrong coloured football shirt can be enough to cause offence. "

MechKB 2. The wearing of any football team colours is strictly prohibited in the majority of Glasgow pubs especially on BIG MATCH days. I thought you would have known that fact.

Also, the 2 young chaps who were murdered were English.

  Forum Editor 19:50 07 Aug 2014

Throughout my working life I have travelled a great deal - I'll not bore you with a list of countries, but there are a lot.

My advice to anyone would be to always remember that you are effectively a guest of the people who live there, and you should respect their ways and customs,rather than behaving as if you have a right to be there and acting as you do at home.

Some of the worst embarrassment I have ever endured has been when witnessing British travellers acting loudly and arrogantly, and behaving as if the local people don't matter - often, but not always when alcohol is involved.

I am not going to comment on these murders because I know almost nothing about the circumstances. I have no idea what led up to the killings.

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