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The world, or some parts of it at least

  Forum Editor 17:56 13 Oct 2018

has definitely gone mad.

"Love is in the Bin will come to be seen as one of the most significant artworks of the early 21st Century" says BBC art editor Will Gompertz.

Which strikes me as one of the most pretentious remarks of the early 21st century.

  Toneman 08:50 14 Oct 2018

Never could understand Picasso's Guernica.....

  Quickbeam 09:53 14 Oct 2018

It's a simple interpretation of inhumanity during the civil war in the cubist style.

I quite like that one.

  Quickbeam 09:59 14 Oct 2018

I like the surreal stuff from Salvador Dali too. Probably because it's a lot like '70s rock album art.

  Quickbeam 10:13 14 Oct 2018

The relief at the top of this page is similar subject matter to Guernica not in a cubist style, and the 'A Battery Shelled' further down is in a cubist style, which I prefer.

Its eye of the beholder and all that.

The 'Girl with Balloon', shredded or not, is to me disposable mass produced pop art that you'd change when you refresh your living room along with the wallpaper and cushions!

  oresome 10:48 14 Oct 2018

At that price I'd have at least expected a cross shredder.

  Quickbeam 15:17 14 Oct 2018

Belatucadrus Taking the %& on that one...

  roger.roger 19:32 14 Oct 2018

I'll just pop out for a bottle.

£424,000 a bottle

  bumpkin 20:24 14 Oct 2018

A glass of wine while smoking your Banksy, that's more like it.

  BT 09:24 15 Oct 2018

Art Critics live in a world of their own

I recall some years ago on the now defunct breakfast TV show on Channel 4 They were commenting on an "Art" work that consisted of a pile of cardboard boxes painted pink and what a load of rubbish it was. They reproduced it in the studio and asked a so called "Art" critic to comment. He said it wasn't ART unless he and other critics said so.

  john bunyan 09:44 15 Oct 2018

Tracy Emin is another- her bed was at the Tate ! bed

She also exhibited other more personal “used” items in the name of art. Those that pay for all such tat must have far more money than sense

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