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The world, or some parts of it at least

  Forum Editor 17:56 13 Oct 2018

has definitely gone mad.

"Love is in the Bin will come to be seen as one of the most significant artworks of the early 21st Century" says BBC art editor Will Gompertz.

Which strikes me as one of the most pretentious remarks of the early 21st century.

  wee eddie 18:39 13 Oct 2018

To me, he outranks Damian Hirst

  Forum Editor 18:47 13 Oct 2018

"To me, he outranks Damian Hirst"

I'll not argue with that, but he's a cartoonist - lots of people can produce artworks which are far better. Banksy achieved fame by using walls in public places as canvases for his stencil art, that's all. Paying a million pounds for a cartoon of a little girl and a red balloon - something that thousands of people could knock up in an hour or so (for that's what the purchaser did) strikes me as ludicrous.

  Quickbeam 19:29 13 Oct 2018

**"Is it a painting? Or, is it now a piece of conceptual art? Or should it be classified as a sculpture? Or is it rubbish? Who decides? Who knows?"**

Hmmm... well I know it's rubbish!

  lotvic 19:56 13 Oct 2018

Following on from FE's and Quickbeam's post: I feel the same way about Picasso's conceptual paintings.

Art? more like a load of tosh

  Old Deuteronomy 20:02 13 Oct 2018

I think Banksy is a very clever man,who knows exactly how to exploit wealthy art buyers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:12 13 Oct 2018

wealthy art buyers.

more money than sense -

although they keep selling to each other to make millions in the process. If you've got it flaunt it.

  LastChip 21:33 13 Oct 2018

Art, is one of the biggest cons known to man.

People who pay thousands or even millions for a painting are fools of the highest degree in my book. The Emperors Cloths springs to mind.

The good that all those millions could do in the world is mind blowing.

  wee eddie 21:52 13 Oct 2018

LastChip, don't forget. That money doesn't disappear. It goes to the Artists, their Agents, the Galleries and their Staff. Who,in their turn, spend it on mundane things like shoes.

So long as the rich keep spending their money, all will be well with the world.

Catastrophe will come closer if they ever stop spending

  wee eddie 01:00 14 Oct 2018

Each one will be numbered, to make sure it goes in the correct place

  Quickbeam 06:36 14 Oct 2018

You could say that high art and base rubbish have a lot in common, they're both identified by the eye of the beholder...

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