World may not be warming, say scientists

  oresome 11:19 15 Feb 2010

I'm confused and disappointed!

It would seem that some of the temperature measuring stations aren't ideally located to say the least and the surroundings have changed over time to cast doubt on the reliability of the long term readings

"Some are next to air- conditioning units or are on waste treatment plants."

"The weather station at Rome airport catches the hot exhaust fumes emitted by taxiing jets."

"The weather station at Manchester airport was built when the surrounding land was mainly fields but is now surrounded by heat-generating buildings."

Come on guys, I expect better from scientists!

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  canarieslover 11:51 15 Feb 2010

'Come on guys, I expect better from scientists!'
Why would you expect better? Like everybody else they look out for Number 1 so they need to get funding to keep their research and salary going. If you can get politicians to believe you then the chances of that funding are much greater, and don't forget that politicians in the main are not specialists in any one subject, other than Number 1, so are quite easily persuaded to jump on bandwagons that may make headlines for them.

  skeletal 12:04 15 Feb 2010

The effects cited in the link are well known, or at least well known to the many scientists I have talked to with regards to the “Man-made global warming” religion.
I personally have done some research into certain aspects of temperature variation across the UK. It was easy for me to see how much the temperature varied, and how cities and airports influence readings.

I have always thought that the metrology (i.e. the science of measurement, not to be confused with meteorology, the science of the weather) used in the global warming theories and debates was suspect.

The problem is that this is such a huge bandwagon that the tens of thousands of scientists who disagree, either wholly or in part, with it are ignored.

So “I expect better from scientists” should read “I expect better from some scientists”.


  Quickbeam 12:30 15 Feb 2010

I've stopped believing the arguments from either side now

What will be, will be, just so long as the planet survives my lifetime...

  Terry Brown 13:04 15 Feb 2010

The world appears to be changing, just look at the world weather patterns for the last few years, and you will see what I mean.

Can we do anything about it?

If we all stopped driving, flying, and heating our homes- maybe-- but this means the whole world, not just our little island.

It is just a money making bandwagon for a group of 'scientists', who are looking after their own pockets.

  gengiscant 13:07 15 Feb 2010

Hear Hear.
In my lifetime human life was going to be decimated by:
Acid rain.
Swine flue.
No doubt there have been others.At 55 I really don't give a **** anymore about what scientists and politicians and least of all the media have to say.

  OTT_B 13:16 15 Feb 2010

Until someone comes up with irrefutable evidence that the planets' fossil fuel resources are not running out, then I don't care about global warming.

Reducing emissions by reducing usage is the only wholley effective way to preserve fuel stocks. If that makes people happy that it also prevents the world from warming up, then so be it.

  Snec 13:22 15 Feb 2010

How many times have we heard someone on here say; "the evidence is overwhelming" ?

  Input Overload 13:26 15 Feb 2010

It's certainly not warming up in Derbyshire.

  peter99co 13:27 15 Feb 2010
  Quickbeam 13:34 15 Feb 2010

Generally I quite like Horizon productions, but even their production can reflect the producers leaning with a degree of melodrama to frighten us round to one way of thinking over another.

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