The world is just sooo wrong

  spikeychris 20:52 27 Aug 2006

When this forum kicked off, it offered the opportunity of opinions and ideas. It seems to have degenerated to a state of complaints


  Spark6 20:58 27 Aug 2006

Maybe folk have more to complain about than praise! Sign of the times we live in?

  VoG II 21:06 27 Aug 2006

Is this a complaint?

  anskyber 21:13 27 Aug 2006

Hmm..... yes I think it is. I have followed the various "danger" threads and thought very much like spikeychris. When I read "Are we becoming a nation of yobs?" to be honest I nearly gave up. But through the usual ramblings of this site I think the thread has developed into something interesting.

spikeychris is I think trying to bring us back to the intent of ths forum which is "This is the place for lively and thought-provoking debate with other forum members."

  mammak 22:30 27 Aug 2006

nope I dont think it is a complaint as spikeychris said an Observation

and I agree with him very little about pcs anymore infact I can stay away for at least 48 hours could not before!

  Spark6 23:14 27 Aug 2006

Oh dear. We already have forum members attempting to interpret spikeychris's post and put their own slant on it.

Simple observation, are we a lot of complaining, and possibly thoughtless folk, or is this still an interesting forum to visit and sometimes make comments on?

  Forum Editor 23:26 27 Aug 2006

When we didn't have a general discussion area, all I heard was people saying "why can't we have a forum where we can talk about anything, rather than having to stick to boring old computer-related topics all the time?"

I resisted and resisted. I argued that (in my view) such a forum would rapidly degenerate into an area where people, would talk about mind-numbingly boring subjects, such as "what do you keep in your fridge?" and "what kind of car do you drive?".......stuff like that.

The requests went on and on, until finally, I thought that perhaps I was being unreasonable, and that there was a serious need for a general discussion area. So, after much soul-searching I opened Speakers Corner.

Now, it seems there are some of us who agree with my original gut feeling - I've received quite a few emails voicing precisely the same thoughts as those put forward by spikeychris.

  ade.h 23:28 27 Aug 2006

I would agree with you in principle, Chris, but do we really want to be seen to be complaining about the quantity of complaining threads?

  Kate B 23:30 27 Aug 2006

I really like this corner of PCA - it's what's lured me back to more regular lurking and posting, and I'd be sad if it were closed again. By its very nature there are going to be threads that some perceive as whinging, but that's the nature of a discussion board, isn't it? If it were dead or full of bad-tempered scrapping then you might have a point, but it strikes me as being full of interesting talk. Which for me means it's a success.

  SG Atlantis® 23:31 27 Aug 2006

yeah it's very boring and trivial.

4x4, cyclists, horses etc.

what's in your fridge.

wheelie bins and oh no not another wheelie bin story....

what ya all have for brekkie? I had eggs and toast.

  Kate B 23:34 27 Aug 2006

Could I perhaps suggest that those who find it boring and trivial then perhaps don't bother to read it? It's a bit like people who insist that telly is awful, and sit all the way through a programme just to be absolutely sure that it really is as awful as they think it is.

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