World 'dangerously unprepared' for future disasters

  peter99co 21:08 27 Dec 2011

BBC Link

Selected CERF donors in 2011 UK - $94m (£M) Sweden - $74m Norway - $68m Netherlands - $54m Canada - $41m Spain - $20m Germany - $16m Australia - $14m US - $6m Japan - $3m France - $720,000 China - $500,000 Source: UN CERF website

I see we are at the top of the list of donors

  Woolwell 22:15 27 Dec 2011

Good to see UK at the top. Feel that China and France could give more. Wonder if Brazil donates.

  spuds 00:43 28 Dec 2011

There are perhaps other ways of looking into this. Some countries provide different forms of aid, other than financial bucks in the kitty.

Whatever the case, its perhaps time to consider charity at home, rather than charity with some corrupt administration, whose poor suffer the most?.

  Woolwell 11:07 28 Dec 2011

Spuds this is a contingency fund for natural disasters not the type of aid that you seem to be referring to. Would you prefer that there isn't any money set aside to help places like Haiti, Christchurch in New Zealand or Japan?

  Woolwell 11:09 28 Dec 2011

BTW this sort of funding goes to agencies like UNICEF or WHO see What is the CERF

  spuds 11:17 28 Dec 2011

fourm member

I didn't say these poor people deserved to suffer. Might point was to deal with corrupt government.

On a personal note, I have seen suffering of the local people first hand, and I am proud to say that on one or two cases, I was able to provide support in stopping further hardship for a short time at the time. Have you ever had need to do the same thing direct?.

  spuds 11:34 28 Dec 2011


I appreciate what you say, but some of these funds in my opinion are not 'policed' enough.

You mentioned Haiti, a country that I have visited on a number of occasions in the past, when outsiders were met with deep suspicion and contempt. In fact a friend of mine who lived in St Lucia married a girl from Haiti. But if you check on how Haiti is progressing after its disaster, you may well find very little as changed for the general public.

Regarding other forms of aid, then sending International Aid in the form of 'mechanics' is perhaps more important. Again I know people who are volunteers for various units like International Rescue, some of our local firemen have attended some of the disasters you have mentioned. Their later public discussions and film shows can inform the public where priorities might be best used?.

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