World Cup VAR Technology ...

  Quickbeam 18:41 19 Jun 2018

What do we think of it?

Personally I think that football is 20 years behind the times in adopting what was an inevitability. Tennis, Cricket and Rugby but 3 sports that have embraced video technology. You can't uninvent the wheel now... it's here to stay!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 19 Jun 2018

but it has been a bit of a farce, especially during the England match last night.

Thought Tunisia were playing rugby at one point with the tackle on Harry Kane in the box.

IS the ref blind certainly the VAR was last night.

  Quickbeam 19:33 19 Jun 2018

That's true in last night's game Fruit Bat /\0/\

But give it a couple of years and it'll be fully understood by players, managers, referees and the fans. That was the case with RU & cricket. The biggest concern was that the game play would be slowed to spoiling point, but I can see that in a couple of years we will fully accept the time taken to confirm fouls/cheating and indiscernible play for the greater benefit.

One of the best uses that developed in RU was that a ref can let an indiscernible knock on that leads to a quick Try play on at the time, but query the legitimacy of the Try when play stops. At that point allowing the Try or not.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:34 19 Jun 2018

In football they can probably use it to award the world cup oscars for all thiose acting prima donnas :0)

Best dive

Best rolling about in agony

Best face holding when it hit your leg etc.

  Quickbeam 07:01 20 Jun 2018

It's use in last nights Russia game seemed more consistent.

  Quickbeam 07:03 20 Jun 2018

Identifying deliberate diving is a big plus, that's one of the big turn offs for me with the game

  Quickbeam 06:53 30 Jun 2018

99% of VAR reviews are now considered to be correct as the VAR team fine tune their use of the technology.

They do seem to be listening to critisism/feedback, which is more likely to be to England's benefit looking back at some of the bum decisions that have seen England bomb out in the past.

It's interesting to see that they rate the referees as 95% accurate Vs VAR's 99.3% accuracy. This proves that the referees don't really need to be visiting Specsavers nearly as much as we like to think so!

As with the technology introduced into cricket, it's also good to see some of the referees are now sticking with their original 'Umpires Decision' on the field rather than feel compelled to make a reversal because they get a suggestion that the VAR team think that it could be wrong. This takes into account that neither an on field ref or VAR can be 100% accurate, so fits in well with the 'Clear and Obvious' criteria that deals with the more subjective interpretation of rules in football compared to Rugby and cricket which have by far more well defined decisions.

I reckon by the next World Cup, we'll be in full acceptance of VAR because we will all understand it fully.

  john bunyan 07:24 30 Jun 2018

When Germany lost someone said “ Don’t mention the VAR”

  Quickbeam 07:33 30 Jun 2018


  wee eddie 11:44 30 Jun 2018

The next move will be to stop/reduce time wasting.

  Forum Editor 13:47 02 Jul 2018

VAR is here to stay - that's apparently the consensus among football pundits.

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