World Cup on TV

  eikonuj 21:35 17 Jan 2010

I want to watch England's games in the World Cup and I've heard that ESPN has outbid the BBC for the rights to show most games here in the World Cup 2010.
ESPN's offer was £60 million.
Now, if we suppose there are at least 20 million license paying households @ £142.50, that's almost £3 billion, why were the BBC outbid?
Why do I pay for my license?
I would rather have commercials than a license fee that I have to pay if I want a television.
Anyone agree?

  DANZIG 21:48 17 Jan 2010

After having seen some of the output of continental broadcasters at my Dad's place in Spain, I have to say that I prefer to pay the license fee rather than have appalling adverts thrust down my neck every 5 minutes.

As has been said before, the license fee doesn't just pay for BBC TV. The radio stations are there AND it pays for development of broadcasting technology that both the BBC and independent broadcasters use

  OTT_B 22:02 17 Jan 2010

I htought a joint bid between BBC & ITV got the rights to the World Cup games??

ESPN is showing the FA Cup possibly?

  OTT_B 22:06 17 Jan 2010
  eikonuj 22:27 17 Jan 2010

OTT_B please scroll down to 'Summary of Rights Awarded' - only friendlies, qualifiers and highlights.Maybe ESPN has the FA Cup as well?
click here

  AL47 22:28 17 Jan 2010

damn, i was hoping itd be on pay per view!

and i would also rather ads than the license fee

  eikonuj 22:37 17 Jan 2010

Danzig - too many repeats on TV and local radio, and anyway I would prefer a choice, not legislation that I HAVE to pay. Most I agree with i.e. Taxes, NI ,Road Tax etc but not the TV license.

  OTT_B 22:40 17 Jan 2010

The article you have linked to is from 2007 and mentions Setanta. I don't know what ESPN have picked up, but i'd guess it is what Setanta had the deal for originally, whatever that may have been.

  eikonuj 23:13 17 Jan 2010

OOPS! You're right it's from 2007, didn't notice that.

  Pine Man 13:56 18 Jan 2010

'if we suppose there are at least 20 million license paying households'

Probably more BUT not all of them want football on their TVs for long periods.

It suits me fine that the BBC haven't won the bid so now football won't interfere with my viewing. I am also very pleased that the Mail on Sunday has all of its football news in a supplement now so I can throw it straight in the recycling bin!

Phew - I feel much, much better for that but I still think I'll have a lie down.

  Rigga 14:11 18 Jan 2010

Just in case anyone missed OTT_B's link above, Sorry Pine Man. > click here <

From the link "In tandem with ITV, the BBC agreed a deal with Fifa for all 64 matches in South Africa 2010 and the 2014 finals, the venue for which is yet to be confirmed."


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