World Cup 2010: Are you ready?

  Quickbeam 10:05 11 Jun 2010

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I have to say, I feel something's not quite sparked my interest this time around, I just can't get very enthusiastic at all.

Is it the damp weather, the 4th rubbish June on the trot, the recession or am I just a grumpy old codger this time...?

  Þ² 10:29 11 Jun 2010

It's the hype - it's a complete turn off.

I'll be watching when it gets under way.

  wiz-king 10:48 11 Jun 2010

I might see bits of a couple of games when I go for a beer on my usual evenings but with luck I shall miss all of it.

  eikonuj 11:04 11 Jun 2010

b2 (cant find the correct symbols)I agree - it's the hype and the fact that my local club refuses to fly a St Georges flag outside in case it might offend someone!!!!! It's a politically aligned club but open to anyone local.I wont be spending any of my cash there.

  Mike D 11:06 11 Jun 2010

I intend to miss all of it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:36 11 Jun 2010

If you mean, will I be buying 2 cheap plastic, dreadfully tacky flags and embarrassingly adorning my car with them in the misguided hope that others will think that I am heroically patriotic, even though the flags are made in Chine, then the answer is no.


  Quickbeam 12:09 11 Jun 2010

You don't need to buy the tacky flags, you can find them littering the roadside as they literally fly away as soon as someone opens a window, along with the road kill you can save a fortune...;)

  Quickbeam 12:11 11 Jun 2010

I do actually mean the spirit of it, it hasn't found me yet.

  ella33 12:12 11 Jun 2010

I did get the sunhat for the garden as they were cheap enough in Wilkinson. And the baseball style as a pressie for niece and nephew. They are not bad.

Will probably keep an eye on it, more so than the final Big Brother, which starts about now and really has had it, in my opinion.

I think the World Cup has been marred somewhat by the two road crashes over the last two days. British students were killed in one and Mandela's granddaughter in another, it is difficult not to associate the time and place of these tragedies to the World Cup.

  Covergirl 12:17 11 Jun 2010

Ha Ha that made me chuckle Gandalf.

If you are not into the world cup, I think it might be difficult to find a pub without a big screen TV tuned into it.

With all the hype, landlords are probably convinced that if they don't follow the trend they'll be left with no customers, so they will be out there now, down Currys getting the biggest screen they can (and take it back for a refund in 4 weeks time - ha - likely not)

Come on England!

  Grey Goo 12:25 11 Jun 2010

Perhaps some tacky Black Flags instead as a backup or as some think, the inevitable.

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