workarounds on new products????

  landy1673 17:58 20 Apr 2005

If you brought a car and got it home to find one of the wheels doesnt turn would you be happy to contact the garage only to be told you need to do a "workaround" by say welding another wheel on it? you'd be pretty pee'd off wouldnt you?well thats what i am when i buy a new security suit from Mcafee.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:20 20 Apr 2005

Succinct if nothing else.


  powerless 18:39 20 Apr 2005

Go on tell us your story.

  landy1673 18:41 20 Apr 2005

i did in the wrong bit the help room forum

  Pooke100 19:01 20 Apr 2005
  smy13 20:10 20 Apr 2005

Security suite 7

Spamkiller keeps running up to 140000K (McAfee have known about this since late July last year but still let you buy the product in good faith

Privacy service conflicts with Diskeeper won’t let you set and forget again known about since last year

Random reboots due to Privacy service and gdtdi.sys

Any of this sound familiar landy1673

  lixdexik 22:46 20 Apr 2005

and work arounds, you should try Pinnacle studio 7,8,or 9.. there are fewer bugs in an a compost heap than that lot. Their user forums have tens of thousands of posts with problems at every level, and more work arounds than you could shake a stick at. Having said that, to be fair there are many people that don't have a problem with studio. But if as pinnacle say, the number of people with problems is very small, then why not give this small number of people their money back?

Surely if programmes won't do what they say on the box then you should be refunded. Just a thought.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  wiz-king 17:59 21 Apr 2005

But you run a PC with windows dont you? How many fixes have you had for windows over the years? Almost all programs have to have fixes and the higher the 'level' of the program the less compatable with other programs it is liable to be. If you used all Mr Gates programs an no others would you computer be stable and not need fixes, programming is a moving target type of job as soon as you think you have finished someone brings out another program ( or version ) and you have to start again.

Re your hypotthetical car - many cars have been recalled over the years for safety issues over the years.

  sattman 19:30 21 Apr 2005

I do not believe a computer system can never ever be likened to a car which as we understand it is designed as a complete combined unit. A computer not only has to work with a multitude of different software and applications but at the same time has suffer from operator error.

To realistically use the car analogy you would have to be buying a car then fitting your own engine gear box or any other spare part from a foreign manufacturer.

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