Work / Life balance

  DANZIG 22:29 31 Aug 2008

I've just designed a little spreadsheet thing that works out (vaguely) the percentage of my waking life that I spend at work.

Taking into account there are 168 hours in a week and that, on average, I'm asleep for 7 of them in a 24 hour period, that makes 119 waking hours per week.

This week, according to this formula, I have spent 53% of my time at work.

Is that a healthy balance??

What is a healthy balance???

  Macscouse 22:38 31 Aug 2008

But how long have you spent working? ;-)

  DANZIG 22:45 31 Aug 2008

LOL, good point Macscouse.

Maybe there was a touch of procrastination whilst at work (same as everyone I guess), however the fact remains I was still there and getting paid so it assumes I'm getting the job done.

I'm bloody knackered so I've got a vague idea I've overdone it a touch.....

  Blackhat 23:04 31 Aug 2008

Please don’t let me see your spreadsheet idea.

I own a manufacturing company, I have just taken on new staff to help organise the launch of my second company and in the next few months I am merging my existing company with my business partners other company.

If I knew how many hours I didn’t spend at work I would probably scream. My wife usually does it for me.

  Forum Editor 23:31 31 Aug 2008

will not be the same for everyone. You'll tend to know if you have it right, which is fine, provided you can do something to redress the balance if you have it wrong.

  GRIDD 23:39 31 Aug 2008

I work enough hours for us to live on and ask for overtime if I need the extra income. I have an easy going boss who seems to oblige most of what I ask for.

Average is 30 to 35 hours worked per week. I'm relatively happy with that but I'm sure if I actually liked the job (I like the people, the place etc and I work hard but I find the job 'a means to an end') then I'd probably work more hours continually.

  Blackhat 23:54 31 Aug 2008

I agree with what you say about redressing the balance. I spent many years as a sales manager always saying to my team ‘when you walk into the sales room you leave your personal life outside’ and visa versa.

When I shut the door at work I become unbelievably chilled out. Nobody would think that I even had a job to worry about.

I have previously worked for people who would worry all weekend about a business problem only to find it was solvable back at work, worrying never changes anything. The stress of owning/running a business is what causes health problems, but the stress is only down to lack of attitude and understanding of how it should impact on your life style.

  Monoux 12:29 01 Sep 2008

Work to live -- not -- live to work

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:50 01 Sep 2008

Dance as if no one is watching, work like you don't need the money.


  cluckinbell 14:01 01 Sep 2008

I think the sort of work you do has a massive impact on whether you can just let it go when you get home. Whilst many people here work in Sales, IT etc there are others who have jobs where a 'bad day in the office' means people can actualy die. That must add a certain level of extra stress to your life.

  Cymro. 15:57 01 Sep 2008

I have always reckoned that work is very over rated and so have spent a good part of my life trying to avoid it. Think what you would do if you could afford to give up your job.

Would you in fact give the job up and stop working or do you enjoy working so much that you would still go to work every day even though you would only be working for the tax man and not for any financial gain to yourself?

As I have said before on this forum and to much criticism from some members I am now 62 years old and gave up working at the age of 33. It was the best thing I ever did. I don`t understand these people who have a big win on the lottery and then go on to say that they intend to carry on working.

Anyone who can`t find anything better to do with themselves than working even though they don`t have to are very sad people in my opinion. As has been said above "work to live don`t live to work"

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