work? dont over do it!

  [email protected] 18:31 24 Sep 2007

i have just returned from a visit to my new local superstore with bioshock. The store only opened today. As I walked in i heard "i'll be watching you very carefully"
It was a guy who i used to work with, he took redundancy a good while back after a good 20 years.
i knew him but couldnt remember where from. why? because he looked 15 years younger than he did! He really did. he's had some time off and now looks after the security at the store. i really couldnt believe the change in his appearance.
it made me wonder how it's aging me? everything in moderation doesnt really apply to ones career i guess.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 24 Sep 2007

Friday night, went to a retirement party and of course there were a lot of "old" (65+)colleagues there.
All looking younger than the guy retiring.

  Earthsea 18:57 24 Sep 2007

Maybe it's your fear of spiders that's ageing you...

  [email protected] 19:03 24 Sep 2007

stands a very good chance!

  Cymro. 11:28 25 Sep 2007

If work was so great then the rich would have kept it all to themselves.
There is nothing so great about working. Most of us only do it because we have to. As long as you can manage your retirement with some hobby or other to occupy your mind and time, and have enough money to pay the bills etc. I took very early retirement and it was the best thing I ever did. I am happier now than I ever was when I was working.

  Jak_1 12:49 25 Sep 2007

I echo your sentiments.

  Marko797 12:59 25 Sep 2007

achieving work/life balance...however the question do u achieve work/life balance?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:32 25 Sep 2007

Work to live
Do not live to work!

  BT 08:30 26 Sep 2007

I also took early retirement which was forced on me by also being made redundant at age 60. After 20 years of shift work including weekends and Xmas, I have absolutly no regrets, and certainly don't miss work. Its nice to be able to sleep at night instead of struggling to keep awake and alert and do my job.
I had a decent Redundancy payout and with the lunp sum from my Pension and a regular monthly Pension income I can fortunately afford not to have to work.
As to keeping myself occupied I really don't know how I found time to go to work, and I'm certainly much happier now.

  Bingalau 12:54 26 Sep 2007

If you have to work make sure you are doing a job you like doing. I imagine actors (actresses is probably non PC) enjoy what they call work. But I think in other professions there must be people who carry on doing their jobs even when the job is killing them with boredom etc. I enjoyed the jobs I did before I retired, but would have been even happier if they had paid more of course.

  [email protected] 15:09 26 Sep 2007

i enjoy my job, find it challenging and rewarding. but if you do something for 8 hours a day even the best jobs can become a chore. when i get disheartened i think back to the 6 months before my current job when i gave up my job after losing my driving license, and was unemployed i hated it! im looking forward to some leave next month but i know i shall probably get bored after a couple of days. i suppose it's the other grass thing. i don't do the lottery because the thought of having vast sums of money terrifies me, i like knowing i have to work to live kind of keeps things real!

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