Words that annoy.....

  realist 19:27 16 Mar 2007

Are there any jargon words used by politicians that really grate with you?

My pet hate is "deliver(y)". For example when some politician or other says "it will deliver substantial savings" (it will be done more cheaply) or "it will lead to an improvement in service delivery" (it will be done better)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:37 16 Mar 2007

'future plans'...as all plans by their very nature are for the future there is one word too many in the phrase.


  skeletal 19:38 16 Mar 2007

“Doing nothing is not an option”. Given the general lack of knowledge shown by our illustrious leaders I would suggest that, in many (most?) cases, doing nothing is the best option.


  spuds 19:53 16 Mar 2007

"We will delivery". A very useful and often used phrase.

  Woolwell 19:59 16 Mar 2007

This has been done by The Telegraph recently
click here
and at the bottom of click here
and the first letter click here
is brilliant.

  laurie53 19:59 16 Mar 2007



  chocolate cake 20:00 16 Mar 2007

'Relevant' I have to really think before I remember that the 2nd 'e' is before the 'a'. Always!

  johndrew 20:07 16 Mar 2007

How about, `Lessons learned`.

  realist 20:09 16 Mar 2007

I'm not a Telegraph reader, but thanks Woolwell...

  moorie- 20:14 16 Mar 2007

the phrase that grinds me is
"in terms of"

  Chris the Ancient 20:17 16 Mar 2007

I saw a clip on television of an interview with Edwina Curry. In it she was saying how she had been given a speech, ready prepared for her.

She decided to edit it and improve the grammar and clarity and passed it back to the aide. This aide then protested at the action taken. Edwina Curry then explained that she had tried to make the content clearer and easier to understand. The response of the aide? "That's why it was written the way it was!"

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