A word of warning!

  Chas49 12:55 17 Jan 2010

Last Friday I received an email apparently from HM Revenue & Customs. In it I was informed that they had determined that I was due for a 401 GBP refund. As I do not pay Income Tax I was instintly aware of course that something was amiss. A form weas provided to fill in details and, looking through the form I saw that they wanted all details of my credit account so that, they stated, "We can credit you with you with your refund". Suspicion confirmed by this I reported the email to HM Revenue & Customs who alos confirmed that this was indeed a 'Phishing' attack.

I was lucky in that no refund had been asked for as no tax had been paid in the first place.

The email and their web site looked very authentic so, please watch out for this - to me a new form of phishing.

  Al94 13:09 17 Jan 2010

Well known scam click here

  Chas49 13:17 17 Jan 2010

Thanks A194 - I hadn't seen that thread and, as I haven't received any phishing attacks for quite a long time I thought I'd mention this email. Horefully, the more elderly people will, like me, see through this scam. In this case I had, four weeks previously, received forms with which to claim a refund - these were ignored - coincidence?

  octal 13:24 17 Jan 2010

I notice the low life are trying to cash in on the Haiti earthquake as well, the FBI have posted a warning about it.
click here

I received my first one today.

  Forum Editor 13:56 17 Jan 2010

of fake HR Revenue and Customs emails circulating. In my case they circulate straight into the bin.

  Chas49 16:47 17 Jan 2010

I have no doubt that you are correct FE.

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