Wooden acting

  Quickbeam 09:40 07 Apr 2008

Well we seem to think that charlton Heston was a tad wooden, but I think John Wayne's one line cameo role in 'The Greatest Story Ever told' click here must be the worst ever delivery of a cinematic line ever to waste celluloid... More dead wood than Doris Day could sing about!

Is there a worse one...?

  bremner 09:46 07 Apr 2008

Keira Knightley is so wooden she must constantly fear woodpeckers.

  anskyber 10:05 07 Apr 2008

Any Clint Eastwood film.

  Bingalau 10:58 07 Apr 2008

Although John Wayne's acting was awful, for some reason or other I liked him. Mind you, I have always liked a good old Cowboy and Indian film ever since Johnny McBrown and Roy Rogers etc. None of them were really actors. All in all I don't think you can beat the Brits for acting.

Oh I've just realised I don't like Sean Connery either. Is he still a Brit? Perhaps he doesn't count because he's a tax exile.

  monkeyboy21 11:08 07 Apr 2008

No one has yet mentioned Andy McDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral....'Is it raining, i hadn't noticed' - probably the worst acted line in an otherwise very funny film!.

  Quickbeam 12:49 07 Apr 2008

Don't get me wrong, I love watching John Wayne, Clint and Heston in his epics, but for all their fame, they're very average actors.

Two excellent character actors, one from either side of the Atlantic are John Mills and Tom Hanks demonstrate what an actor that becomes the persona of their character can really do (the village idiot in Ryan's Daughter and Forest Gump).

  Stuartli 13:18 07 Apr 2008

>>No one has yet mentioned Andy McDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral..>>

Not exactly the first thing that springs to mind...:-)

By the way, being female, it's Andie McDowell.

  recap 13:38 07 Apr 2008

George Clooney, need I say more.

  donki 13:48 07 Apr 2008

Clint, John Wayne and Heston all had something very few of todays actors do, screen presence. IMO Clint is a good actor who often gets called wooden but its simply the characters he plays, his famous roles in most of his westerns right through the Dirty Harry films, were all charaters who weren't supposed to show much emotion.

Orlando bloom for me is one of the worst actors about at the minute, damn his good looks!!

  johndrew 13:51 07 Apr 2008

`Wooden acting`


Sorry, couldn`t resist it. :-)

  Noels 13:54 07 Apr 2008

George Bush and Gordon Brown surely actors?

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