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Wood shredders and the use thereof?.

  spuds 13:02 21 Jun 2014

Absolutely nothing to do with IT or computers, but more to do with getting rid of reducing foliage and similar material.

We had a petrol driven shredder that use to make light work of reducing tree branches and the like, with the occasional bit of timber including fixed nails thrown in for good measure. Due to a fault, we have ordered an electric wood shredder (with very good reviews), and should receive delivery on Monday.

So perhaps something for discussion: Have you used or owned one of these machines, and would you like to pass on some hints or opinions on this type of product?.

  Forum Editor 18:49 28 Jun 2014


"I knew that Ducatti made excellent motor bikes but now I know that make small electrical parts as well."

I think your component may come from a different company - Ducati Energia makes electronic components (amongst other things).

  flycatcher1 13:16 29 Jun 2014

FE Thanks for the info. Both Ducatis make excellent products. I was surprised that a German made machine used an Italian condenser..

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