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Wood shredders and the use thereof?.

  spuds 13:02 21 Jun 2014

Absolutely nothing to do with IT or computers, but more to do with getting rid of reducing foliage and similar material.

We had a petrol driven shredder that use to make light work of reducing tree branches and the like, with the occasional bit of timber including fixed nails thrown in for good measure. Due to a fault, we have ordered an electric wood shredder (with very good reviews), and should receive delivery on Monday.

So perhaps something for discussion: Have you used or owned one of these machines, and would you like to pass on some hints or opinions on this type of product?.

  flycatcher1 19:41 21 Jun 2014

Should have added, soft shredded material goes on the compost heap and woody ones are used back beds ground cover.

  morddwyd 20:50 21 Jun 2014

"You have to dispose of the shreddings "

As flycatcher said, you simply use them to top up the bark on the borders.

I actually position my shredder appropriately and shred straight onto the garden.

  johndrew 10:13 22 Jun 2014

spuds & sunnystaines

I agree with the comments made above Screwfix shredder looks to be identical to my B&Q item apart from the badging, colour and price.

I also am on my second item, the first failed within hours of buying it (including assembly) and needed replacing the following day under warranty.

  spuds 12:34 22 Jun 2014


Argos have a similar model in their catalogue at about the same price. But checking stock, it seems that they have very low stock levels, none for home delivery, and within a 15 mile radius from my home, only 2 of about 12 stores have 1 each in stock. Made me wonder whether it was because of value according to reviews, or perhaps possible returns?.

At least with the one I have ordered, it comes with a two year warranty. The problem now is getting spare blades. Screwfix had them listed (35213), but the sales person said that Screwfix no longer stocked or sold them?.

  spuds 12:43 22 Jun 2014


I would have got a person in, but the two I approached "were very busy", and the price they wanted to charge was about the same as two builder size 'mixed waste' skips that we require to move other waste, including old wooden fence panels, rubble,roofing, concrete etc.

I might be able to recuperate some of my costs, one of the neighbours have a waste and privet hedge disposal problem ;o)

  johndrew 15:55 22 Jun 2014


In the B&Q item handbook there is a parts list which shows the blades and they look very similar to those shown on the Screwfix site. Could be you could get spares via B&Q.

As an aside, I have sharpened the blades in my old B&D shredder simply using an oilstone. You may find the same is possible with the Screwfix unit.

  flycatcher1 19:09 23 Jun 2014

I knew it ! Today I switched on my trusty old Viking Shredder and.......nothing.

Will try to repair but then its a new one.

  flycatcher1 16:45 27 Jun 2014

If anyone is interested we have managed to repair the Viking. The motor run condenser was shot but an identical replacement , a Ducatti, effected a fix. Cost - £9.99 delivered.

I knew that Ducatti made excellent motor bikes but now I know that make small electrical parts as well.

  flycatcher1 19:04 27 Jun 2014

Mr Mistoffelees Do you read Alec Cross novels ?

  spuds 17:10 28 Jun 2014

Mr Mistoffelees

Perhaps a large professional unit, but certainly not the domestic use type. The unit I have just purchased make it quite clear 'No Kitchen Waste' including bones.


But back to the original subject. Assembled and gave the unit a good looking over, plus purchased some new 'heavy duty' extention cable for all systems go, then it poured down with rain, making the dried branches etc wet, which is not advisable to shred due to possibly clogging of cutter. All being well, if the weather changes, then next week for a final experiment on this particular model.

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