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Wood shredders and the use thereof?.

  spuds 13:02 21 Jun 2014

Absolutely nothing to do with IT or computers, but more to do with getting rid of reducing foliage and similar material.

We had a petrol driven shredder that use to make light work of reducing tree branches and the like, with the occasional bit of timber including fixed nails thrown in for good measure. Due to a fault, we have ordered an electric wood shredder (with very good reviews), and should receive delivery on Monday.

So perhaps something for discussion: Have you used or owned one of these machines, and would you like to pass on some hints or opinions on this type of product?.

  johndrew 15:13 21 Jun 2014

What make & model have you ordered? I have two electric items; and old B&D GA100 and a newer B&Q FPIS2500. The B&D item is very reliable and will shred pretty much everything I wanted up to around an inch diameter but few spares are available now. The B&Q item was bought as an emergency replacement for the other whilst making repairs; it's OK with wood, but clogs up with any volume of leaves - not a good item.

I've not had the need for a more powerful, petrol, shredder and have little knowledge of them.

  spuds 15:47 21 Jun 2014

We have just removed a long length of privet hedge which will overflow a large builder's skip, so for cost saving and the good reviews, we went for this click here a case know of location spare cutter blades suitable for this particular machine?.


  spuds 15:49 21 Jun 2014

'Just' should be after the click here and a complete new paragraph, and not where it appears!.

  sunnystaines 17:02 21 Jun 2014

spuds tht looks like one we bought recently from BQ not too impressed . shredded a hedge ok, but could not cope with pine or fur tree they all gunge up, also the blades are a soft metal and went blunt quickly, not got round to changing them yet. jams are easy to clear,

  bumpkin 17:44 21 Jun 2014

I think it depends upon what one wants to use it for. The one you have linked to is cheap enough and probably OK for a bit of light garden maintenance but I would not expect too much from it. It has the "Up To" 45mm description. I doubt it would handle much newly cut 45mm. As you probably know the shreddings are useful as mulch.

  woodchip 18:36 21 Jun 2014

As With any Electric Tool for Garden, If it stalls due to too thick Branch run like Hell to pull the Plug as it will burn out. If its got a cut-out reset button, these only last a short time before they give up the ghost

  Aitchbee 18:52 21 Jun 2014

On a much smaller scale, I use an ancient Kenwood food-blender [ the twirling blades are very sharp and ideal for this purpose ] for 'reducing' small quantities of [shop-bought] ornamental bark, to use as a 1 inch top dressing/mulch on all of my indoor plants ... the bark seems to keep the dreaded GNATS at bay.

PS. It is only used for this purpose, in case anyone was wondering. ;o)

  carver 18:59 21 Jun 2014

spuds just remember to keep the receipt because you just may need it, I bought one last year and it lasted about an hour, took it back with smoke coming out of it.

But other people have used them and had success with them.

  spuds 19:28 21 Jun 2014

Thanks all for the responses so far.

carver- I went more on the customer reviews and two years warranty on that particular item, plus having used other Titan products from Screwfix, more than anything. All being well, the first test will be on Monday, when the item is due to arrive.

  flycatcher1 19:37 21 Jun 2014

About fifteen years ago I bought a Viking 2200 Watt Electric Shredder, it has been very, very good value. It is a shredder and will not cope with thick branches. I also obtained a "Chipper" attachment and this was not efficient and I got rid of it. A great benefit of the Viking is that material is dropped into a tall feeding tube and gravity helps to take it through. Quick and easy.

We pruned a large Pirrotta (?) tree this week and it made short work of about four or five heaped wheelbarrow loads in short time. A good machine - but a bit expensive.

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