Woo Hoo i now have gmail!

  Linux User! 08:30 24 Aug 2004

Sorry just had to tell someone!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:50 24 Aug 2004

Waitrose have 33% of all fresh meat.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:51 24 Aug 2004

of = off....but who cares....


  Sapins 10:41 24 Aug 2004

If I pay good money I want 100% meat!

  Linux User! 10:45 24 Aug 2004

Nevermind eh

  Sapins 10:54 24 Aug 2004

Now come on, be fair, he's worked extremely hard building up his cheerful, happy-go-lucky, helpful, pleasant, informative persona, just imagine what he was like before. It is after all pointless reply time as well.

I like your post, please explain what gmail is, is it something to do with the FBI?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:58 24 Aug 2004

Gmail is Google's mail service where you get 1GB of mail storage. Putting this into perspective...... If I put all the mail that I have received over 5 years together, including the load that I have deleted, it would not come to more than 80Mb, so you can understand my total lack of enthusiasm. Still it will be useful for storing all the spam that is about.


  Sapins 11:15 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for the explanation, I agree, for the moment it does seem a bit like overkill.



  iambeavis 11:30 24 Aug 2004

Wouldn't be of much use to me, I receive very few e-mails anyway - the important ones (insert Nelson Muntz laugh) are printed out and the rest are deleted on reading. Consequently my mail boxes are always empty.

  Charence 13:35 24 Aug 2004

GMAIL isn't just good because it has a 1GB inbox! I wouldn't mind if my GMail account size was similar to other competitors such as Yahoo. The design of the website and its functions are much better, and makes e-mailling even easier and quicker.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:04 24 Aug 2004

As of now Gmail doesnt support POP3. You can only read the mail through the web which isn't half bad unless something is wrong with the server.

Gmail doesn't use ActiveX. It uses Javascript. Lots of it.

There are targetted ads with the messages, one hopes that those using Gmail are not the ones posting threads such as, 'OMG, my mailbox fills with those pesky ads'.

Call me Mr Picky but I fail to see how Gmail is any better than Outlook or Hotmail and especially as it is web-based, I am curious how it is 'faster' and/or 'easier'.


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