"This won't hurt a bit"

  Sapins 13:32 27 Oct 2004

I've just returned from the dentist (in France)having accompanied my wife so that between us we can understand and converse with the dentist. Very different here to the UK, no anesthetic unless a tooth has to be extracted, not even for removing the nerve from a tooth which is done progressively, as soon as you indicate the slightest pain the dentist stops, puts in a temporary filling with a paste containing ( I'm sure! )Arsenic which starts to kill the nerve and starts again on the next visit. They say injections are bad for you and are unnecessary? and that dentist's in the UK drill too deeply anyway!

But, to my point, the technology has changed so much I felt that I should comment on it. I remember quite clearly when the dentist had to take an X-Ray, they would set up the machine, tell you not to move and then retreat behind several feet of lead before pressing the button. Now they use an ultra sonic scan, just position the "Scanner" over the tooth and press the button, eh voilà, a perfect image is displayed instantly on the screen, much quicker than when they used the x-rays, and I would imagine much safer for the patient.

Just felt I would share that with you.



  Sethhaniel 13:44 27 Oct 2004

Nope you still can't coax me to the dentist

I here they use XP (xtreme pain) ;)

  Sethhaniel 14:17 27 Oct 2004

My Grandmother was brought up on a Farm in Canada
the oldest of eleven children - who's mother died when she was 17 leaving her to run the farm and bring up the rest of the family - if they had toothache they had the tooths 'nerve' killed with a 'red hot needle' -non of you're fancy french dentist with their 21C technology there ;0

('here' french for 'hear' - ooops) :)

  georgemac 15:00 27 Oct 2004

here in the UK we are still using the old x-ray machines - why should I be surprised?

  Jackcoms 16:03 27 Oct 2004


"which starts to kill the nerve and starts again on the next visit"

And, no doubt, you pay every visit.

To my mind, yet one more bloody reason NOT to visit France.

Rascist, moi?? :-)

  It's Me 16:07 27 Oct 2004

Can confirm that all right. Yesterday, all new and young practice. Still hiding behind door whilst button is pressed.

Mind you, I don't think I fancy this French idea. It sounds to me as though they were trained by the sadistic Gestapo. Here, the slightest squeak and they squirt some local on the offending spot before carrying on.

Just to prolong the subject, I see that our so wise rulers have now decreed that we no longer need 6 monthly check ups, once every 2 years will do,(according to one newspaper this morning.) Interesting! I reckon that should go a long way to solving the shortage of dentists. The fact that it goes contrary to the advise given by dentists for years, seems not to matter, and the fact that you need to visit the dentist at least once every 15 months to maintain your registration is also ignored,

When I asked my dentist why he didn't use a computer for his records, his eyes glazed over, and I thought it better to desist as it is not a good idea to upset him before he starts doing things.

  Jackcoms 16:34 27 Oct 2004

It's Me

"our so wise rulers".

OK, I give up. Who are they? ;-)

  Sapins 16:36 27 Oct 2004

Sorry to take your ammunition away, but, you only pay the fixed price for a specific treatment no matter how many visits it takes, I had a nerve removed over a period of SIX visits, no extra charge.

You're going to have to visit France after all;-)

"Racist, moi??" I wouldn't dream of saying that.(sharp intake of breath!)

  Sapins 16:47 27 Oct 2004

Our dentist keeps all records on computer, a couple of clicks and there are all of your gnashers, or what you have left of them, with details of treatment given/needed or in progress.
It really is interesting to see a new "scan" come up on the screen to make sure the drill is going in the right direction? How long before a robot will see to our teeth whilst the dentist sips a nice glass of the Red refreshing liquid and watches on the screen?

  georgemac 16:47 27 Oct 2004

I go fro a checkup - if I need a filling I have to wait around 8 month's (I'm not joking!) for the next appointement, then another few month's to see the hygenist so I'm almost on 2 yearly check up's already!

  Neutered 17:14 27 Oct 2004

I was brought up with the above method of tooth removal! Thankfully, when I turned 15 years of age, I got to choose, I chose not to. In terms of colour - I like my teeth green!

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