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The Wonderful World of Amazon Reviews.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:34 27 Apr 2018

I've just been looking at reviews of wheelbarrows on Amazon. One person complained that, "the galvanizing looks like a thin plating of zinc"!

I'm wondering what exactly, the person expected?

  Aitchbee 11:07 27 Apr 2018

I'm wondering what exactly, the person expected?

Possibly a thicker layer of zinc was expected ;o]

  bumpkin 12:30 27 Apr 2018


  Old Deuteronomy 12:46 27 Apr 2018

bumpkin, a non-stick wheelbarrow... Dragon's Den here I come.

  BT 08:55 28 Apr 2018

What amuses me is the Emails that you get about something you've purchased and someone is asking a usually obvious question about it.

I've had a query about how many pockets in underpants??

About how many pieces in a set of plastic kitchen containers when the product description quite obviously states that there are 18.

There have been some sensible questions but I find most questions asked can be answered by reading the product information or previous comments or reviews.

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