The wonderful thing about Tiggers...bosh!

  rodriguez 16:20 09 Jan 2007

click here - now I thought it was funny in Beverly Hills Cop 3 when Axel's dressed as the elephant and has a fight with that kid, but I didn't think the big cute theme park characters really got into fights. It doesn't look like he was provoked either, he could have been playing up to the camera or maybe he just had a bad day. Anyway, the family involved seem pretty annoyed about it.

  Bob The Nob© 17:53 09 Jan 2007


I wish I could have been in a santa suit and steal a present from a kid that got it off santa, think of the kid crying. Then the suprise would be, I got a better present, think of the childs face then!

It would be like magic!

I like making people happy!

I also wish I could get two animal suits and fight in them in some crowded place, mabye an indoor shopping centre. BUT I dont have the money to get the suits!

  wolfie3000 18:25 09 Jan 2007

"I also wish I could get two animal suits and fight in them in some crowded place,"

lol someone already has.

click here

  Bob The Nob© 18:56 09 Jan 2007

I mean actually beat the 10 bells out of each other!, Then the dead one lies there for hours.

I'm talking of biting, and beating and fisting (no, wrong word) smacking etc.

  rodriguez 21:30 09 Jan 2007

wolfie3000, that was from Trigger Happy TV where Dom Joly dressed up as different things and did stupid things in public to get a shicked reaction. It was hilarious and that clip was from Series 2 which I've got on video somewhere. Also I just remembered another one where the Wolves mascot got into a dispute with Bristol's the three pigs mascots - click here. I think that one must have been planned as it was a wolf against three pigs.

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