The wonder of the 'Right Click'

  Sethhaniel 06:47 08 Aug 2004

I am amazed at the versitility of the Mouse 'right' button - along with XP and the right software aboard - I can now -just with a 'right click':--------

Convert any picture (bmp -JPG -Tif etc,) to any picture (bmp -JPG -Tif etc,) without even seeing a program open - there it is done -
I can right click on a CD music track and convert it straight away to WAV or MP3
Or Right click and scan for virus.

And that's just the beginning ;)

  Indigo 1 14:39 08 Aug 2004

Having never used any other O/S apart from ME for a brief period and w 3.1 for a few months, I suppose I just take it for granted that XP will do all that with a right click of the mouse.

Things really must have been slow before XP.

  Sethhaniel 10:34 09 Aug 2004

What I can do with the left button ;)

I use the scroll wheel for various functions and have yet to get to use the two side buttons

  wallbash 12:12 09 Aug 2004

Took a Computer course (one day a week) at the local tech collage. The course was a simple IBT stage 2 , for data processing etc. Was amazed that the ‘rht click’ was never mentioned!!! When asking about these ‘short cuts’ was informed by the Tutor that it was not Collage policy to include that info. This was not to confuse the ‘Pupils’

Wonder wot the Tutor would make of my latest mouse, six wonder buttons?

  ventanas 12:41 09 Aug 2004

Do macs still have just the one button? If so you have to feel sorry for those who use them.

  Pesala 12:52 09 Aug 2004

Opera has a neat feature called mouse gestures. They save a lot of mouse movements to the menus or toolbars.

To execute a mouse gesture, you hold down the right mouse button, then move the mouse. Here are a few that I find useful:


GestureRight=Forward | Fast forward (and log in with recorded passwords)

GestureUp=View document source


GestureDown, GestureUp = Close Page, and Show recently closed pages click here

  Kate B 22:11 10 Aug 2004

ventanas, I use a mac mouse on my pc (and the touchpad on my mac laptop) - it might only have one button but its shape is much more heavy-user-friendly. And you can get context menus by control-clicking.

Which reminds me, I was going to post this in the helproom but if anyone can answer it here I'll be very grateful: I also keep a two-button mouse connected to the PS2 port for the occasion I need a right-click, but is there any way in Windows to enable the control-click that on the Mac gives similar context menus to the Windows right-click?

  ventanas 08:18 11 Aug 2004

Yes I new about the ctrl-click on the mac. I was just being flippant. I have never heard of what you ask being available in Windows. I doubt if it would be seen as necessary with the right-click already there. But others may know better.

  Pesala 16:38 11 Aug 2004

but you can also press the menu key (between the right-hand Windows key, and the right-hand shift key.)

  Seth Haniel 08:30 12 Aug 2004

a new toy for me to play with ;)

  Macscouse 23:27 12 Aug 2004

I am amazed at the versatility of the Mouse left button ;0)

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