Women In Royal Navy Submarines?

  Aitchbee 22:55 08 Dec 2011

.. . . . . : : : . . ....what are your views on this subject...


....up periscope!...........

  TopCat® 23:42 08 Dec 2011

I have to admit that women on surface ships and now submarines makes me feel uneasy. It's not that I don't think they can do the job but what concerns me is how they would perform under wartime conditions. The sight of mangled shipmates' bodies after, say, a direct hit by missile or shell would test even the strongest man aboard ship.

Their confinement undersea in submarines for long periods would in itself be a considerable test but, under sustained attack from hostile surface forces above, or perhaps a shadowing enemy sub below, could tip the balance at a critical moment. Being a submariner is not for the faint hearted and I believe it takes a special type of person to even consider being a submariner. I await some possible flak from the ladies on this. :o) TC.

  wee eddie 02:58 09 Dec 2011

If my Ex-Fiancée was to be believed.

It was the WRACs, in Belfast, that went out with the plastic bags to pick up the body parts, as the Blokes hadn't got the stomach to do the job!

It is quite possible that the WRENS are mentally stronger than the Matelots!

  Quickbeam 07:39 09 Dec 2011

No problem for me as I'll never go below in the claustrophobic confines of a submarine anyway... leave them to that environment if it's what they want!

  morddwyd 08:17 09 Dec 2011

I see no problem in women doing this job or any other if they are physically capable, but the practical difficulties are a different matter.

In particular the "No Touching" rule will be very difficult to enforce when squeezing past each other in the narrow companionways of a submarine.

Separate accommodation and ablutions mean less room for stores, always a problem in a sub.

  Aitchbee 08:58 09 Dec 2011

If Britain has enough submarines to go round, can't they make at least one of them a women-only ship?

As women are usually lighter than men, in weight, efficiencies could be made in food budget.

Have I gone overboard?

  Quickbeam 09:07 09 Dec 2011

The Russians ruled that idea out when the realised that an all female crew would need more food than an all male crew!

  spuds 12:10 09 Dec 2011

Its another one of those subjects, of can they-can't they.

I suppose the only true way to found it, is to actually try it. It wouldn't be the first time women have been carried in submarines.

Many countries around the globe now have women doing tasks on a regular basis, that was once the domain of males only. As for being gruesome, how many Paramedics, SOCO, morgue staff and other similar jobs are female or mainly female reliant, perhaps far more that the public estimate or realise?.

Even Russia in WW2 had senior women officer's and lower ranks on the front lines, enduring the same difficulties that males were also experiencing. And many war zones since, especially with terrorist activities, have females been asked to do their part?.

But having said all that, I still get rather concerned,in seeing an 8 stone. 5'3" female police officer involved in riot or a regular boozy night incident.

  Strawballs 12:30 09 Dec 2011

morddwyd, The modern Nuclear Subs are anything but cramped they are enormous things, the only thing I can see being problem is the extra seperate facilities needed that take up valuable space, but this is more of a problem on small ships like mine sweepers.

  johndrew 14:52 09 Dec 2011

On a lighter note, I love the Mac Cartoon on this subject in the Daily Mail today.

  TopCat® 15:20 09 Dec 2011


Now that's my type of humour which made me chuckle. Maybe Mac could have drawn the lady seatedastride on a 'homing' torpedo perhaps? :o) Tc.

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