Women refuse to go through airport Body scanner

  p;3 19:10 06 Mar 2010


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I understand the Scan is to become compulsory and ' no scan then no fly' will apply

I wonder if people realise that this is a sign of the times of the war against terorism ; I can appreciate the reluctance of some women from Eastern countries to undergo this but that should not exclude them from the scan

I wonder what 'medical reason ' folks will dream up ?

If you wish to travel by Airplane you surely accept all the security protocols that are in place as a part of that experience ....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:25 06 Mar 2010

No scan, no fly..simples. The other alternative is to walk if they don't like it. Of course some women from the East may not agree with this but it is not as if there is no previous form from these areas.


  mrwoowoo 19:28 06 Mar 2010

I thought it was highly suspicious.
It's not know whether they were together or not. But if they were, i find it strange that they gave different reasons for not being scanned.
They should have been body searched afterwards, whether they were being allowed to board the plan or not.

  sunnystaines 19:33 06 Mar 2010

were the police called to check them out?

  john bunyan 19:38 06 Mar 2010

I fully agree - regrettably it is even possible that a male terrorist could disguise himself in a bourka. Maybe there could, in bigger airports, be lady security people to monitor batches of female objectors, or as mrwoowoo suggests, a full body search.

  rdave13 19:45 06 Mar 2010

As GANDALF <|:-)> states; no scan no fly. For the safety of all.
There again; no terrorists then no scan.
Glad they refused, now they can use the Chunnel.. unless they do the same?

  mrwoowoo 19:49 06 Mar 2010

"Glad they refused, now they can use the Chunnel.. unless they do the same?"
As it was a random check, there is nothing to prevent them from flying again, unless they are unlucky enough to get stopped again. Thus my reasoning that they should of been searched.

  Kevscar1 19:52 06 Mar 2010

So will you be happy if your children are scanned, how do you know the person watching is not a peadophile.

  rdave13 19:53 06 Mar 2010

So there's a chance to go through again without being searched? Some security.
I'd have thought their passport details would have been taken down, noted and referenced.

  rdave13 19:55 06 Mar 2010

With respect the immages aren't clear. Surely some X-ray type of immages are better than a plane dropping down like a stone killing men, women and children?

  p;3 19:55 06 Mar 2010

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