Without Prejudice

  interzone55 15:23 27 Mar 2010

I've just had a letter from the company that handles my gym membership fess informing me that they're putting up the fees by £2 a month

below the signature they've printed "[WITHOUT PREJUDICE]"

They didn't do this last year, what does it mean?

  Pine Man 15:46 27 Mar 2010

I just had a letter informing that my gym membership had gone up nearly £4 a month and they didn't print anything under the signature:-(

  Kevscar1 15:49 27 Mar 2010

In legal terms that would mean they are paying you compensation without actually accepting fault.
Don't know what it means on your letter.

  wee eddie 16:02 27 Mar 2010

It's worth your while arguing for by-passing the raise, or that if you accept, they reserve the right to add more.

  spuds 16:33 27 Mar 2010

A quick run around the local park costs nothing ;o))

  john bunyan 16:37 27 Mar 2010

Is a term that means if the case goes to court, the letter is not binding in court.It is used , usually, when parties are negotiating a settlement so an offer could be changed if the other side won't settle amicably.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:48 27 Mar 2010

when you can stay online and jump to conclusions all day long...


  PalaeoBill 16:58 27 Mar 2010

As john bunyan points out, they can't be held to the contents of the letter when the 'without prejudice' clause is used. That is they are not legally responsible. If you renewed your membership for a year on the expectation that it would just be £2 a month dearer and then they doubled the fee a month later once you were tied in, you would have no comeback.
You need to find a copy of the original contract that you signed. It may be that they are just leaving the door open for themselves to further increase the monthly fee later in the year and don't want to be held to the £2 increase for any set period.
Questions when you find the contract:
Do they have the right to vary the monthly fees? How much notice do they need to give you?

  Paul-1379466 17:04 27 Mar 2010

Bit OTT for Gym membership me thinks.

  interzone55 18:49 27 Mar 2010


It means just what I thought it did. and does seem a little over the top.

The gym is run by a charity on behalf of the local council. The fees are collected by a debt recovery agency, so the phrase is probably just part of their standard signature...

  rdave13 18:58 27 Mar 2010

Legal speak; click here

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