Withdrawal of Elgar £20 Notes.

  birdface 13:31 24 Jun 2010

There was a thread on here about the same subject a few months ago and I thought no more about it.
Then my wife warned me this morning as a friend had told her.
We have put some cash asside for a new bathroom suite etc. So pulled the floorboards up and removed the chain and paddlock I had for extra security arround the Safe.
Then used the key to open the Safe.
Pulled out the cash box and got the key to open that.
Checked the £20 notes and low and behold there was £560 in old £20 notes in it.

So this is just a reminder in case any of you may still have some of the old ones.

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  Bingalau 13:45 24 Jun 2010

If you have any old £20 notes with Elgar on, seeing how they are useless to you. Can you forward to me for re-cycling please?

  birdface 14:13 24 Jun 2010

Sorry but you are just a little bit late.
Binman came this morning.

  Big L 266 14:57 24 Jun 2010


There'll be no Pomp & Circumstance from me when poor old Elgar gets the heave-ho!

Wonder who we could have on the back of the next £20? How about Captain Matthew Flinders R.N.? He never gets a look in despite his history. Born in a village near me as well.

Big L 266

  ronalddonald 18:09 24 Jun 2010

so thats why my ATM has been giving out money in tenners and fivers

  BT 08:04 25 Jun 2010

"so thats why my ATM has been giving out money in tenners and fivers"

Absolutely no connection at all. The new £20 notes have been around for at least a year alongside the older ones.

  birdface 14:19 25 Jun 2010

Went down to my local bank and asked could you change this old money for modern Notes.
Sorry we cannot.
But you can pay it into an account if you have one.
I could not find my own card when I was going down so took the wifes and got them to pay it into that.
I then went to the cash machine and drew out £300 and if I had found my own card I could have drawn the remainder out using that.
I just thought that maybe it would have been easier if they had just changed it for me instead of going to cash machines.

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