Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

  The Brigadier 15:08 30 Dec 2008

Well OK only 32+ hours to go.
But i hope everyone has a Happy New Year 2009.

  Pamy 15:43 30 Dec 2008

Cheers, the same to you and everyone else

  LinH 16:43 30 Dec 2008

A happy and prosperous new year to everyone.


  Pineman100 18:00 30 Dec 2008

I'll drink to that!

Happy New Year to everyone at PCA and on all the forums.

  bluto1 21:12 30 Dec 2008

Have a great year everybody for you and your families, especially those with absentees abroad.

  crosstrainer 21:20 30 Dec 2008

And a little off topic, " A man with a bad leg should never play with two Collies' he has not seen for 6 months"

  rdave13 21:32 30 Dec 2008

Happy New Year to all. I would also like to wish the best to all whom have had a particularly bad 2008.

  tullie 22:35 30 Dec 2008

Thats gone over me head

  crosstrainer 06:30 31 Dec 2008

Was invited to a close friends house for dinner twixt Christmas and the New Year...We've both been out of action due to illness, and they have to Large Lassie Collies (one of which played Lassies in the remake of the film)

Mr Idiot (me) despite protestations from all present, cast aside the walking stick I have been using to regain strength in the bad leg.

"Jazz" (larger of the two dogs) weighs in at a rather hefty 42 KG...But they both made such a fuss of me I decided to play Frisbee with them in the back garden :))

Hurt quite a bit for a couple of day's but back on form now :))

  sunnystaines 13:02 31 Dec 2008

a good NY to all.

crosstrainer take care of that leg hope it recovers soon.

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