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Wish I Could Get Rid of the Car.

  morddwyd 09:29 12 Nov 2016

Just idly looking at my mileage, less than 400 miles last month.

Wit tax and insurance (not to mention repayments!) it's an expensive method of travel.

Trouble is I need it to carry my power chair.

Suppose I should really be grateful that I can get out and about at all, many can't.

  john bunyan 09:49 12 Nov 2016

Sorry to intrude but have you explored all the discounts for disabled - Motability, etc?



  morddwyd 10:01 12 Nov 2016

Thanks. Unfortunately although I an 40% disabled I don't get the Mobility Supplement, which is necessary for Motability and such things as Excise Duty relief.

My wife used to qualify for Mitability, but having used it once we swore never again. The stress and hassle they caused was simply too much.

  Aitchbee 10:29 12 Nov 2016

Have you tried using your local public buses? If you are good at manoeuvring your chair into a confined space [via a ramp] then why not give it a go. The drivers will put the ramp in place for you ... it only takes a few seconds.

  morddwyd 10:49 12 Nov 2016

Thought abut it HB, but not yer activated!

I think it will eventually come to that.

Thought of wheelchair accessible cabs, too, but the nearest is 17 miles away, so I'v got 34 miles to pay for before I set foot, or wheel, in the cab.

  x123 11:31 12 Nov 2016

We used to live in a small village, not to far from you, Edlingham in the late 60's, early 70's. No public transport, nearest bus stop about 6 miles away. So a car or motorbike was essential.

What with all the cuts to rural services, those in the countryside get the biggest hits though they pay just as much or more of council tax. I suppose, in council spending, it is the largest section of people who will benefit over the minority.

  Forum Editor 12:45 12 Nov 2016

Hang onto the car for as long as you can live with the cost - it represents a degree of freedon that, once lost, might be sorely missed.

  bumpkin 14:15 12 Nov 2016

I agree with FE on this, I miss mine if I am without it for a few days. It is the convenience factor rather than necessity. What would 400 miles a month cost by cab? Buses are bad enough anyway without a mobility scooter.

  Quickbeam 15:24 12 Nov 2016

Consider a car of less value owned outright. If it's not used, it only has the basic standing costs of road tax and insurance costing you.

Don't worry about higher mileage cars. One of my great economies from the recession is that my current VW is still going strong on 200,456 miles. It owes me nothing!

  Graham* 15:53 12 Nov 2016

I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate.

  bumpkin 16:57 12 Nov 2016

How old is she.

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