Wish I could earn at this rate...

  Jollyjohn 12:23 07 Oct 2015

Have just saved £85 in 45 minutes work! Car insurance renewal arrived today as had a quote from an alternative source. £150 difference, so I rang the alternative and went through up to date details and got a quote £85 less than my renewal. I rang my existing insurer, gave them alternative quote, they confirmed it was a real quote, not just a comparison site and then matched it for my renewal. So I saved £85 for 45 minutes on the phone and I must say both companies very very pleasant on the phone and no pressure from either to accept their quote there and then.

  Forum Editor 12:32 07 Oct 2015

Consumer power!

  oresome 13:00 07 Oct 2015

I had a somewhat different experience yesterday.

I was replacing the under three year old car with the equivalent new model. I rang the insurers to change the policy over, expecting to pay the £16 admin charge.

Instead I was quoted around £100 extra for the remaining 6 months the policy has to run. After protesting, their final offer was an extra £80.

This is on a policy that was less than £300 for the full year at last renewal.

Needless to say, I cancelled the insurance and have gone elsewhere at a cost well under £300 for the year.

I'm now waiting in eager anticipation for my Brian toy from the comparison web site and a refund from the original insurer.

  spuds 16:49 07 Oct 2015

Years ago, everything we insured was via Commercial Union, because we had a very good relationship with that company, going through many years.

Since the demise of that company, and perhaps loyalty, the golden rules have always been "shop around", and yes it is possible to get better quotes at renewal time from your previous years insurer. I found the same with vehicle breakdown cover.

Sometime ago, I asked a question on this forum about multi-vehicle insurance, and if any forum member had this type of insurance. This year, we have gone down the route of multi- vehicle insurance, and some very nice surprises came from that. The company we chose, gave some quotes, then went away for a rethink and discussion with their 'back room people', and came back with better deals, which we accepted. It was a combination of discounts, re-arranging policies terms and conditions, that finally set the price.

Article here, perhaps worth reading click here

  BT 17:22 07 Oct 2015

Its always worth asking. When we moved to Norwich from London some years ago, my car insurance in London was nearly £400. A call to the insurance company resulted in a £200 refund.

  Govan1x 21:57 07 Oct 2015

Be more expensive to replace a new car than a 3 year old car and I suppose that's why the premium went up.

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