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The wisdom that comes with old age perhaps

  Cymro. 13:09 20 Jun 2017

On a point made by F.E. in an earlier post today when he said most universities - they are hotbeds of leftism. So why is it that as most of us get older we become more right of centre in our politics. Yes I know that is rather a generalisation but it seems to be generally true. Please don't say it is all due to the wisdom that comes with age as there must be more to it than just that.

  wee eddie 13:26 20 Jun 2017

The years knock the edges off our youthful idealism!

  csqwared 14:47 20 Jun 2017

Slightly off-topic. I was on my bike ride yesterday, part of which takes in the canal. At my usual lock-side resting place I was asked by a bunch of teenage lads if I thought the water was contaminated, obviously contemplating a swim in the hot weather. My immediate reply was "I wouldn't risk it" but on reflection, when I was that age I wouldn't have even asked the question, I’d've been in. A sign of age or experience??

  oresome 17:11 20 Jun 2017

Older folks are more likely to have accumulated both property and monetary wealth and are keen to retain as much of it as possible within the family rather than let the state spend it for them.

  Aitchbee 17:49 20 Jun 2017

Most of Scotland is, and always will be left-thinking. Doesn't matter what age you are.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 20 Jun 2017

the wisdom that comes with age

"there's no fool like an old fool"

left or right the only thing you can be certain of is death and taxes.


  Govan1x 19:35 20 Jun 2017

My words of wisdom are you can smoke go out and party every weekend and end up with no savings when you retire.

Or you can stop smoking and stop drinking and save all your money then of course the Government will take most of it back off you.

So get out and party and enjoy yourselves.

  LastChip 10:40 21 Jun 2017

Wisdom in many ways is just another word for experience. As you age, you've been there, done it and got the t-shirt. Having seen socialist governments wreak the country on a number of occasions now, experience tells me that type of politics doesn't work.

The youngsters of today, have no such knowledge to fall back on and only understand what they are told or can only rely on the limited experience their lives have produced so far.

That's why it is so critically important, that when they go to University, they are given the whole story, not just an individual lecturers (sometimes biased) view. They go there thinking their professors are experts and can't be wrong. In the sciences, that maybe true - after all, Newtons law is Newtons law. But in the social sciences, there are a whole range of views from both left and right that should be taught, aired and discussed. If they come out questioning everything, then the University they attended got it right. Always look at both sides.

  Forum Editor 22:21 21 Jun 2017

When you're young you are full of idealism - I can remember being the same when I was at university. We thought we had all the answers to life, and we wanted to disagree with the older generation - just for the sake of it.

What happens to change that? Life, that's what. You begin to realise that perhaps things are just a bit more complex than you thought when you were in the student bar. You have to go out and earn a living, you acquire responsibilities and gradually, bit by bit you find yourself moving to the centre, and even a bit right of centre sometimes.

It doesn't happen to everyone of course, but it happens to huge numbers of people. It's not the wisdom of age, it's realism dawning.

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