Wireless Internet- Moral Dilema?

  pifko 23:24 11 Mar 2006

I'm at home right, sitting on my bed, comfortably browsing the net with my wireless on my 2mbps ADSL line. Im also capped...rediculousley low...2GB per month in fact.

*View Available wireless networks*
Wow...There are a lot of techie families around me...5 in fact...not so techie enough to secure their wireless networks though...

Is it morally wrong to "Hack" (I don't know if tha word is too strong) into my neighbours networks to browse the net for a little while? Is it their fault for not securing their network...Is it their fault for not locking their front door at night?


  SG Atlantis® 23:27 11 Mar 2006

It's theft of bandwidth and it is illegal to access another computer/network without the owners permission.

  ade.h 23:33 11 Mar 2006

People who steal other folk's bandwidth are lowlifes; don't follow their bad example. If you did leave your door unlocked inadvertantly, you'd be pretty relieved if you got home and found that you HAD NOT had someone wander in, eat of your fridge and watch your Sky subscription.

  Forum Editor 00:54 12 Mar 2006

apart from which, it's not a particularly nice thing to do - especially to your neighbours.

  smy13 20:48 12 Mar 2006

You wouldn't like it if some one was doing it to you, so don't go there. when I first started up my network I was on my lonesome doing a scan now I can see 12 all secured mainly thanks to my neighbour who initiated a leaflet drop the other week telling people that if they had a network named XXX it was unsecured and the offer to secure it for them if they did not know how. be a good neighbour and follow his example, you'll get more pleasure from helping people than ripping them off. Unless you fit ade.h's profile a a person how steals band width.

  smy13 20:49 12 Mar 2006

should read who steals band width

  pifko 03:07 13 Mar 2006

That's a very good idea mate, I might just do that.

Trust me, this thread wasn't about me actually using my neighbours internet, I just thought it was a worthy topic for discussion.

  VideoSentry 14:31 13 Mar 2006

I think smy13's advice is a very good idea,and when I get home tonight will check to see how many insecure wireless networks I have floating around.

  terryf 01:41 14 Mar 2006

My son has a scanner and having nothing better to do had a wander around Poundbury in Dorchester (Prince Charles dream suburb). He was surprised at the number of unprotected networks he picked up. It seems as if the manufacturers of wireless devices set them up to default to 'unsecure' rather than the default setting being some sort of security.

  ade.h 15:01 14 Mar 2006

That's because you cannot establish a wireless network very easily with security already enabled.

  €dstowe 16:08 14 Mar 2006

I'm surprised at the number of people in my village who have wireless networks set up on their computers but only have one computer in their house.

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