Wireless Honeywell Room Thermostat

  shellship 17:16 16 Jun 2010

Any digital plumbers out there?

Had all-singing and dancing condensing boiler installed. Wireless room thermostat packed up after a week with message "FAIL" and base unit had message stating no wireless connection. Installers (v reputable lot) had not come across this before and replaced unit. This lasted a day before same problem arose. Unit has been sent to Honeywell but no response yet. Any ideas? It's in a different room to our BB wireless router but transmission from that to one of our computers might pass near it.

  Chris the Ancient 17:30 16 Jun 2010

I used to have a 'computer-controlled' hot water system (not wi-fi, I accept) and the remote controller head in that kept failing.

Investigations made by the manufacturer could not find what was causing the units to fail; but they suspected some form of interference in the area might be causing the problem (not that there were any large radar dishes, pylons etc. in the area).

The only way it was resolved (after about three failures/replacements) was that they brought out a new model of controller. So I strongly suspect that their original design might have been faulty.

So, thinking in terms of spurious radiations, is your microwave oven on the other side of the wall, or are there large pylons, radio transmitters or radars in the vicinity?

  Forum Editor 19:06 16 Jun 2010

with the relative positions of the thermostat transmitter and boiler receiver, and possibly the proximity of other emitters.

When you get a transmitter back, ask the installer not to fix it to a wall, but to leave it loose, so you can try moving it around over a period of days.

My guess is that you'll soon find a spot where it will happily handshake with the receiver - your hope should be that the place it chooses is a good one in terms of temperature sensing.

  chub_tor 19:15 16 Jun 2010

We had a Danfoss Wireless Thermostat installed 2 years ago and it has behaved perfectly. It is situated in the same room as my desktop PC, a Netgear wireless router and a wireless DECT phone extension. The boiler that it controls is through 3 walls and we have always had a solid wireless connection.

  shellship 12:30 20 Jun 2010

Thanks, all.
C the A - microwave 3 walls away so unlikely to be that. No pylons or anything like that.

FE - remote transmitter was not fixed but we did keep it in same position most of the time. Will try moving when new one eventually comes.

chub_t - Will suggest Danfoss to my engineer.

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