Winter motoring tips

  karmgord 18:31 06 Jan 2010

Diesel owners,use super diesel as the higher cetane rating will aid starting and it will resist waxing in the cold weather better.
If you think your car has frozen due to insufficient anti freeze DON'T try to start it as a lot of modern cars drive the water pump via the cambelt,so if the water pump is frozen solid the cambelt will either stip or jump teeth, this will cause valve piston contact on a lot of cars & definitely on diesels.

  bremner 18:40 06 Jan 2010

Normal diesel at this time of year should be 'winterised'by the petrochemical company to deal with the conditions.

  karmgord 19:22 06 Jan 2010

Bremmer true,both are, but super will always go lower before waxing.

  namtas 20:25 06 Jan 2010

I have been doing some research and was initially surprised to find that there are specifically designed winter tyres. They are not widely advertised here in the UK but apparently law in some parts of Europe

click here

  natdoor 21:08 06 Jan 2010

Most continentals living near the Alps will have two sets of wheels, one with normal tyres and one with winter tyres, as well as snow-chains. Back in the 70s you could have winter tyres with spikes, metal inserts a bit like rivets which protrude from the tread by about 3mm. I ran on them in UK for a while before removing them. The tyres made a crackling sound on dry roads and I got some funny looks. They are now banned.

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