Winter Gas Consumption

  babybell 15:54 15 Jan 2010

Thought I would pick the brains of some of the wise heads on this forum. Basically, I have only been a home owner for 9 months and I purchased my house just as the summer months were kicking in. However, what with this cold winter spell, my gas consumption has sky rocketed, which is no surprise really. I was just wondering what everyone's daily consumption of gas is during these cold winter months?

In the summer I was using an average of 8 or 9 Kwh per day, now its up in the 40's.

I'm trying to get a price comparrison done on a website and it wants my weekly average. I'm just wondering if I should base this on my summer or winter consumption?

  peter99co 16:29 15 Jan 2010

use the average figure for last 6 month period. Add up say 4 @ 9 and 2 @ 40 and divide by 6 should gie an idea to start.

  morddwyd 20:35 15 Jan 2010

My winter usage goes up by two thirds (note I said "by" not "to"!) over my summer consumption.

  Snec 01:35 16 Jan 2010

Even your summer consumption seems high to me. My weekly average over the last 12 months is 9 with highs in the winter of 18 or 19 (mostly around 11) and many summer weeks only at 1 or 2. I should point out that we don't cook with gas very much anymore since buying a halogen cooker. That has made a big difference to the gas useage but, of course, the electric is up a little as a result.

  Input Overload 19:10 16 Jan 2010

Fit thermostatic valves to the rads, turn off in the day rooms that are not used such as bedrooms etc. The rad in my bedroom is permanently off as I feel sleeping in a cool room does you no harm.

Turn the boiler down to a setting you are reasonably comfortable with. If I'm in the dining room in the day such as when I'm on the PC it's a matter of seconds to lower the setting on the valves in the main room. It's not hard to make savings.

  Noels 15:25 18 Jan 2010

My wife and I have lived in our house for over 40 yrs. We are pensioners and use gas for heating our water and for central heating. We also have 1 gas fire. I would agree with the comments above about reducing the boiler water temperature. Lowering by a few dgres can make a tremendous difference to running costs.
We find that the gas fire uses at least twice as much gas as the central heating over the same period so we only use the fire when we have visitors simply to make the room more cosy.
What we have found during this last cold spell is that by closing all the internal doors, kitchen to dining room, dining room to lounge, lounge to hall etc etc the whole house keeps much warmer.
Finally you have to average out your gas usage over the year. The two winter quarters against the two summer quarters.I expect to use double in the winter to what I use in the summer.
Hope this helps a little

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