winter fuel payments for biddes in cyprus?

  sunnystaines 17:41 05 Dec 2008

click here

This has to be wrong a uk residence should be mandatory. I thought the Govt was short of cash.

  Al94 18:42 05 Dec 2008

It cost a lot to run air conditioning!

  Al94 18:46 05 Dec 2008

Just read the link - what a load of rubbish. These pensioners paid their tax and national insurance when they were working in the UK and deserve the same payouts regardless of where they choose to live. Anything different would be totally wrong. It's not a means tested benefit so is paid to all.

  sunnystaines 18:51 05 Dec 2008

Its not what they paid into in my opinion its extra help given to the needy who cannot afford fuel bills.

the rules should change so that EU nationals claim from the country they reside in not where they have passports from.

  Sapins 18:55 05 Dec 2008

Government policy = We decided how much you payed in, we decide how much you get back. Sound familiar?

I payed in all my working life, I don't qualify because I was not claiming it when I moved here, which, by the way, has temperatures as low as minus 15c on a regular basis in winter. I am glad I left the UK though, I probably save more living here where the cost of living is on average about £1-50 a bottle!

  egapup 19:13 05 Dec 2008

What age do you qualify for these payments???

  oresome 19:25 05 Dec 2008

Fuel payments are paid from age 60, but you have to be that age by a particular date in the year.....sometime in September from memory. Forgive me, I'm a biddy, so the memory is failing.

  lofty29 19:40 05 Dec 2008

I have no problems with this, they paid into the system so they should be allowed the benifits, but also remember, and I think I am right, that state pensions paid abroad are NOT updated in line with RPI, but are frozen at the amout they were first paid out. If waste should be tackled it should be the layabouts who live off the state having put nothing in.

  Grey Goo 20:02 05 Dec 2008

No worse than keeping most of Eastern Europe in Child Benefit. As lofty29 says pensions are not increased when you move away.

  johndrew 20:24 05 Dec 2008

Qualifying age and date click here

Those abroad who can receive it click here

I think I`m off to live in the southernmost part of the EEC; it protects my pension, keeps me warm and I get my fuel allowance. One problem though, the £/€ exchange rate is only €1.12 at the moment, a few months ago it was €1.60. I think I`d better think it out again!!!!!

  Switcher 20:54 05 Dec 2008

If it is to a temperature tested benefit as seems to be suggested then should those in the North of Scotland receive more than those in Southern England.

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