winter fuel allowance should be scrapped

  N47. 19:41 03 Jan 2013

for the majority and just given to those who claim pension credit ie the poorest of pensioners.

If the working well paid can loose their child benefit if one of them earns over £60,000 why can't those pensioners who do not really need it, have it.

  Ex plorer 15:07 05 Jan 2013

I am on PC and when the fuel allowance is paid into my bank its used to top up my oil tank and I am very grateful for it,I usually add a £140-£170 for 500 or 600 ltrs,its a boon to me.

  lotvic 15:50 05 Jan 2013

fm, so really all you are saying is I'm correct (which I already knew)

Can you answer my question that I asked in my post of at 1:58PM with a clearer breakdown of figures/percentages.

  carver 16:46 05 Jan 2013

What's that old saying enter link description here

  lotvic 16:55 05 Jan 2013

fm, "But that is the minority" where did you find that information so that I may look at it? As you have already found it, it would be churlish of you to expect me to plough through endless .pdfs looking for it.

I'm only trying to work out your %'s that you quoted, because not everyone gets a state pension - those not claiming it with a private income and those on only Pension Credit.

By my reckoning the statistics you quote at 1:23PM mean that 62% of income is not state pension. Does that 62% include Pension Credit?

If so then for someone on full state pension + pension credit means that approx 75% of their income is state pension and 25% is not state pension.

Taken further it alters the overall wealth/income picture quite considerably.

  lotvic 17:02 05 Jan 2013

It also means that for someone on 10% state pension + pension credit, 90% of their income is not state pension and would be included in the 62% of the statistics you quoted at 1:23PM

  BT 17:36 05 Jan 2013

"..who has worked and paid NI for 30 years.."

That's only a recent thing. I had to put in 44 years to get mine, as have many pensioners.

Read more:

  bumpkin 17:48 05 Jan 2013

Good point BT, it is like when you visit the doctor and they tell you how expensive your medication is as if you have not already paid in advance for it over the last 40 or 50 years.

  bumpkin 17:52 05 Jan 2013

Seems like it is a crime to want something back unless of course you have paid nothing then it is your entitlement.

  lotvic 17:53 05 Jan 2013

BT, that's a good point, I had to put in more than 30 years as well to get 100% state pension.

Statistics, Love 'em or hate 'em: If you had 2 single pensioners - both receiving £142.70p per week - one claiming a 50% state pension + pension credit and the other claiming 26% state pension + pension credit, then their average income from state pension would be 38%.

  VCR97 18:10 05 Jan 2013

A couple of posts refer to refusing to accept the winter fuel allowance. I am not aware of this option. What is the procedure?

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