winter fuel allowance should be scrapped

  N47. 19:41 03 Jan 2013

for the majority and just given to those who claim pension credit ie the poorest of pensioners.

If the working well paid can loose their child benefit if one of them earns over £60,000 why can't those pensioners who do not really need it, have it.

  Bing.alau 20:08 03 Jan 2013

N47. I like to think that it makes up for the 25 pence a week increase, which I got when I reached 80 years of age. A sort of booster-up of that miserable pittance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 03 Jan 2013

Its already been cut back by 100 pounds for a lot of pensions

The winter fuel allowance makes a big difference to some between freezing and being mildly comfortable.

A lot of pensioners don't know about or understand about how to claim, pension credit and some are too proud to claim it even if they need it.

  kad60 21:23 03 Jan 2013

Absolutely should be scrapped..we are living in a globally warming world,buy a fur coat.

  bumpkin 22:25 03 Jan 2013

I agree with you fruitbat, I don't need it either but if it wasn't wasted on us it would only be wasted on something else, should go to those that need it but that is not the way it works unfortunately.

  bumpkin 22:28 03 Jan 2013

Should have replied to fourm member not fruitbat appologies

  Forum Editor 22:29 03 Jan 2013


Thank you for your ludicrous contribution.

  bumpkin 22:47 03 Jan 2013

Forum Editor, kad60, I could not even be bothered with that inane remark, idiot!

  mole1944 04:22 04 Jan 2013

As a 68 year old who has paid since 16 all his taxes etal,i have a contract with the government and that includes winter fuel allowance. I still pay taxes on a modest company pension and as my wife has dementia i do a 16/17 hour day 24/7/365 with NO pay,so you see i think i deserve fuel allowance to help us,all us carers save this company billions, if i were to put my wife into care it would cost the government £650+ a week £33,800 a year this puts our £200 a year into perspective doesn't it.Means testing cost more to administer than it saves, a better suggestion is to stop all overseas aid there must be billions wasted.

  BT 09:06 04 Jan 2013


I am in a similar situation to you. I'm the same age and my wife has a heart problem and had a slight stroke about 5 years ago. I have Diabetes and suffer from Sciatica which means I can't stand for more than about 10 mins, even with pain killers, which seriously restricts what I can do, and how long it takes me. I usually have to do things like washing up in a couple of hits with a sit down in the middle. I have a company pension on which I pay tax and get no extras from the Government. I get the Dependent Relatives allowance for my wife (Taxable) as she is 9 years younger than me, but this is no longer available to new pension claimants, so anyone in a similar situation to us retiring now only gets the basic State Pension, a difference of £57 a week, so for these people the £200 fuel allowance is probably very welcome. I can't say I NEED it but it enables me to keep the house warm without worrying about the cost.

  carver 09:15 04 Jan 2013

Why should it be means tested, if you do not consider yourself eligible or not in need of it do not claim it.

If you restrict it to certain people on benefits then all you are doing is proving that you get more out of the system if you just rely on the system for every thing.

Why should Bob who decided that working is a mugs game 30 years ago now get a hand out every winter when the old lady who worked until she had to stop but has her own house, paid for from her work now finds that because she has assets of more than £50000 (mainly her house) she can't claim.

The mentality of some people in this country is alarming, you work all your life and you get attacked if you want to claim the same as some one who has never paid any tax in their life, but these same people also like to have a go at the welfare "scrounger" as they call them.

A few months ago some one was going on about free bus passes and how you shouldn't have one if you could afford to pay, but why should I not claim when I pay full council tax, get no other benefit and Joe Blogs who hasn't bothered saving gets every thing free.

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