Winter and changing to snow tyres

  carver 11:30 18 Nov 2018

Now that we are approaching our lovely winter months just wondering who amongst you are considering changing ALL 4 tyres to dedicated winter tyres, just asking only after having a puncture repair at a tyre repair place the assistant spent a good couple of minutes trying to get me to buy 4 new tyres at a cost of over £250. Have seen countless adverts advising that if I want to avoid an accident the "only" sensible option is to have "winter" tyres fitted. Personally I believe the only sensible option is to teach people how to drive correctly in snow and not expect safe driving to be left to the car.

  Cymro. 11:40 18 Nov 2018

I wouldn't spend that sort of money on winter tyres a set of snow chains would probably cost less and be more effective. It must be years since I last saw snow chains being used. I remember as a child how all Post Office and G.P.O. vans used to be fitted with snow chains when necessary. Can you still buy snow chains?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 18 Nov 2018

We don't get enough snow to make it worthwhile unless you live in a rural community and have a 4x4

  Belatucadrus 11:54 18 Nov 2018

Unless you live up in snow prone areas I don't think dedicated winter tyres are worth it, go for something like the Michelin Cross climate all season tyres. They are more a summer tyre but with a grip pattern that works in snow and rubber compounds that handle cold weather OK. For most of us it's more than enough and fortunately since they were launched a few years ago the idea has caught on and most other manufacturers offer an equivalent.

Now if the beast from the east makes a comeback you'll still need snow-chains but they're more than enough for our usual transitory snow flurries and they don't require swapping out or incur additional storage charges for the extra set of tyres/wheels.

  oresome 12:26 18 Nov 2018

Apart from the first few hundred yards all the roads I normally come across are salted and clear of snow in winter.

I presume dedicated snow tyres are less than ideal in such circumstances.

  Quickbeam 12:40 18 Nov 2018

Standard new tyres with 8mm of tread depth are fine. Snow tyres have 12mm new, so once your below 6mm, they're of no advantage.

  qwbos 12:43 18 Nov 2018

Most on this forum must be of an age when they can remember when standard tyres were all season rather than the "summer" tyres with reduced performance below 8C supplied on cars as standard now.

It's difficult to pinpoint when the change happened, but I can remember back to the days of Goodyear G800 and Pirelli Cinturatos being the boy racer tyres of choice, but these tyres still gave decent grip and traction in snow.

The move to wide low and ultra low profile tyres with little more than circumferential grooves means that adhesion is compromised on anything other than a warm dry road. The last time I bought dedicated winter tyres (as they were called then) was around 1970, and they looked more like tractor tyres than anything you'd see on a car now.

Up to around 15 years ago, I'd coped with the worst winter could throw at me, getting through deep snow in a range of cars on standard tyres. If I was still working, I suspect I'd have had to incur the cost of an extra set of tyres.

  wee eddie 12:44 18 Nov 2018

Snow tyres give many drivers a sense of false security. Among other things they are less safe than normal tyres on icy roads.

In the UK, to make Snow Tyres a sensible purchase, you need to be living in the far North, on the East Coast(but not every winter) or very high (e.g. up a mountain).

  KEITH 1955 13:17 18 Nov 2018

people are fooled into thinking 4 wheel drive makes you invulnerable , I once had a 4 wheel drive spin in front of me whilst driving in a straight line and that happened because only 2 tyres touched ice so , for a split second those 2 tyres were out of sync with the opposite ones. That meant they went slightly faster to get a grip and that caused the spin. Nobody can tell you what to do when you spin on ice because you don't know when its going to happen.

A guy once bragged off his big 4 x 4 could go anywhere so I asked him what he did when the guy in front was stuck and blocking the road.

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