Winning the war on Car Thefts

  interzone55 14:27 16 Jun 2011

Interesting - car thefts are down by 2/3 in the last 7 years, and most cars stolen now are over three years old

BBC Link

So why has my insurance climbed year on year for the last 20 years?

  wiz-king 14:42 16 Jun 2011

'Cos they now smash windows to nick satnavs or jemmy the boot etc and it cost so much to repair the car.

  sunnystaines 16:01 16 Jun 2011

its how the stats are listed

a car jacking where the oiks pull you from the car at traffic lights are not in the stats but in stats for robbery.

same applies for those with expensive cars on the driveway and they knock at the door force their way and demand the keys.

and if no one is in and they break in and steal the keys and drive off its in the stats for burglary

with good car security the the slag use the above methods more.

  interzone55 16:39 16 Jun 2011


I think that's the gist of the story, if you want to steal a car built in the last three years, you have to steal the keys

  bremner 16:54 16 Jun 2011

So why has my insurance climbed year on year for the last 20 years?

According to the Insurance expert on Watchdog recently - More claims for personal injury in accidents mainly down to the "No win No fee" merchants.

  Linkslade 19:25 16 Jun 2011

Another reason for thefts appearing to be down is that due to the ever rising cost of insurance people are not reporting them.

As has been said upmarket key security has been a major factor in the protection of the newer vehicles.

Could any of these facts possibly lead to a reduction in cost to the consumer? Not a chance.

  Chegs ®™ 20:29 17 Jun 2011

I recall reading various insurance application forms where I was specifically asked if my car had a Thatcham security system installed,and if so which Thatcham system.I had some cash left over from a windfall so bought a Thatcham system,it dropped my premium by about 40%(nowhere near saving me the cost of the system)I've also moved house lots of times thus resulting in my having lived in most areas of the town & found no difference in premium due to one area's reputation compared to another area(though if I lived in a city,there'd certainly be differences I would imagine)The linked article refers to 600,000 vehicles stolen 20yrs ago,I often wondered just how many of the 600,000 were stolen by request(the owner would give some oik £50 & the keys as it was worth more on paper than reality)Now this type of crime has reduced due to insurance companys refusing to payout claims if they suspect it was stolen by request.I've also read a few reports of insurance companys refusing to settle a claim if it was the owners idiocy in leaving the keys in the ignition whilst they refuelled.In short,Insurance Companys are finding many ways to avoid settlement whereas once over,you reported the theft to them & sat back to await the cheque.

  cream. 22:19 17 Jun 2011

So why has my insurance climbed year on year for the last 20 years?

Inflation and the oinks who refuse to insure their car. It is now cheaper to be caught without insurance than to buy it in many instances.

  woodchip 23:12 17 Jun 2011

My Laguna as a Thatcham 2 does that mean it should be cheaper to insure

  ams4127 22:48 18 Jun 2011

Some weeks ago while parking my car at the local beach to take my dog for a walk, I noticed the car a couple of slots away had a sign in the window.

"This car is not locked. If you want the keys, they are under the dog!"

There was a large Doberman lying on the back seat. I'm sure it was smiling.

Best anti theft system I've ever seen!

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