Winning is not important. Or is it?

  oresome 19:36 02 Aug 2012

An analysis of UK medals won in the Bejing Olympics shows a disproportionate number won by those who benefited from a private education.

Rupert Murdoch has entered the debate tweeting that the US and the UK teach that competitive sport is a bad thing, so it's no wonder they don't match China in the medal count. (I believe he's only talking about state schools teaching methods)

So, does money bring advantage or is the state sector taught mediocrity?


  Chegs ®™ 16:05 04 Aug 2012

I attended a Grammar School & we were good at most sports,not just cricket but "aggressive" sports like rugby(when I was there,we also excelled at long distance running as we made sure we were well in the lead then lay in wait for the other schools runners & ambushed them on the opposite side of the golf course where a few threats meant they allowed us to win lol)

I caught a little bit of early morning TV recently where someone(can't recall who)was saying that since (I think)96,sports in the UK now benefit from lottery funding meaning training of our athletes is much improved.

  interzone55 17:49 04 Aug 2012

Chegs ®™

Yes, some sports do benefit from lottery funding, but by no means all.

Take Peter Wilson, our recent double trap Gold medallist. His funding was removed, but at the Beijing Olympics he met his current coach Sheik Ahmed Al Maktoum, who has been funding his training since then.

  LastChip 00:04 05 Aug 2012

Does winning matter? Absolutely!

No one ever remembers who came second and it's the same in life.

Get over it, go out and win; but do it fairly.

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